The first part of this book will be typed stories about Grandpa and Grandma Winterton or things that involved them, their experiences, their homes, properties and their children. The second section contains blank pages to be written down by friends and family members who wish to share memories with the rest of us. If you are fortunate enough to have been familiar with Grandma and/or Grandpa, or for that matter, any of their immediate family members such as their children, including those who have passed on, please take a few minutes during your stay to share those memories with the rest of the family by recording the stories within the blank pages of this book. From time to time, we will take the stories, enter them into a word processor, print them out and then update this book. There should always be blank pages for recording, but if by chance we fall behind, please write your memories on any paper and leave them within the back cover of the book. Please don’t forget to include your name as the submitter and the approximate time frame of the occurrence that you are recording (if known).

I might also add a word of counsel given to me by my wonderful wife when she presented me with the copy of Grandpa’s book, Memories and Teardrops, which she, my sisters, and sisters-in-law had retyped and put on disk. "Your Grandpa Winterton wants you to record your own personal history. But he knew that you would never do it until you finished the work on his. This present is from him as well as us. And he wants you to spend the time that you would have spent retyping and scanning his book writing your own personal history".

Since that time I have been working on my personal history. But I don’t believe for a second that Grandpa’s wish was only for one of his hundreds of descendants to record his personal history. His desire applies to you as well. If you do appreciate the availability of Memories and Teardrops to you, please show your thanks to Grandpa by beginning and continuing to record your own personal history.

Also, please, if you do have memories about Grandma or Grandpa or their properties or other family information, please record it here. We will keep the stories typed and the book current. If later you have other memories or stories please send them to us at . Or write or type them and send them to us by mail at White Knight, 1077 Watson Road, Hemlock, MI, 48626 and we will add them to the book. This is a book of stories so please don’t feel like you must do a sequential, all inclusive history to participate. Submit or add stories individually to this book or to us electronically as often as you wish. Also, the most recent copy of this book will be made available at our family web site .

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