Phillips, Jr. has sometimes been with me; sometimes some of Clair's children and Diane and Marilyn. Many others have seemed to enjoy visits in Strawberry Valley.
        There has been much work to be done with the herd, such as branding, vaccinating, fencing, etc., which had to be done by the other members of the family. At home, in Salt Lake City, I have generally found plenty to do, such as writing, figuring on accounts, visiting and doing temple work and research work at the Genealogical Library.
        Jessie is always interested in her house work.


        Our other vacations I mention as follows: Two trips to Arizona, once to attend the National Livestock Show at Phoenix, once to attend the American Hereford Association Convention held at Tucson. When the Hereford Cattle Breeders were asked to meet at Kansas City, Jessie and I went by airplane to represent Winterton Brothers.
        The summer of 1958, Jessie and I accompanied Lonnie and Grace Flint on a trip to the Yellowstone Park, Wyoming.
        This day is May 3rd, 1958. I remind myself, it is little Stella's birthday. I am here in our little apartment. I am alone and yet I feel happy. I am happy for several reasons.
        I feel that Jessie has had one of the good times of her life during the last months because she has been with her children in California and they have done everything possible to make her happy. I have also been with them part of that time and they had done everything to make their mother happy and contented.
        What I have said of those in California, I say also of Lonnie and Grace and Grant and Beth. They have been so very good to both of us. I will be glad when Jessie can again be home and contented with me. I need her companionship very much.
        Today I have tried to clean up the house a little better in case she should come home. I know how she loves to have her home clean and tidy.
        Part of the afternoon I have listened to good radio programs, but my thoughts have been more especially on other things. I realize that the evening time of life is drawing near but, I don't remember when I ever felt more contented in mind.
        Lately I have visited my family, those that are near, and I feel that they are strong and carrying on successfully.
        I have worked so hard to keep the family united and to love each other. I feel that my efforts have not been in vain. If I can be successful in the work my wife Sarah and I started out together to accomplish, I will forever thank my Father in Heaven for answering our fervent prayers.
        I know I have the love of all my children. They are so good and kind to me. I can feel the deep love my children have for their children as we, their parents have had for them. They each seem to be trying to do their best and that is why I feel so happy, so contented, so relieved, because they are able

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