to the earth through the prophet Joseph Smith. I am sincere in saying, I believe Him to be the greatest prophet that ever lived, except our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. That work will carry on and spread to all the earth.
        If you want to be really happy, do what you can to help spread those great gospel truths, at home or abroad and God will greatly bless you with His Holy Spirit.
        On the proceeding page, I spoke of our wonderful heritage and how our numbers are increasing; how a large percentage of our number are active workers in the church; how we have been joined, and are still being joined by the children of so many wonderful families. When I think of all this, I have cause to rejoice.
        That is why I have tried to keep a record. I have had a desire to know you all better. It has been almost impossible to keep my record complete and up to date, but I wish to here record the follwoing facts.
        It is now 1961, being 98 years since my father came to America. My mother came six years later in 1869. Their first child, Sarah Ellen was born in December of 1870. Sarah Ellen was the first one married in our family. Her husband, John H. Price was the first to join our ranks. Their marriage took place in the Manti temple on George Washington's Birthday, February 22, 1893, and H. Fred Price was the first grandchild. Since that memorable day nearly 68 years ago, there have been 159 others, either boys or girls that have dared to join the ranks of the Winterton family. John Thacker was the second in that great procession and he and my sister Eliza now have a living posterity of not less than 125. And so that great work has continued until at the present time, the posterity of my father has increased to not less than 540 living souls, besides those of other families that have joined us as I have before explained, which I now count as members of our family.
        Three of the original family are still living; my brother Will, my sister Melissa Thompson and myself.
        Of the total number of posterity, I mention not less than 146 marriages are temple marriages. There have been not less than 80 foreign missions. I was the first to enter the mission field which was in 1900. Of these missionaries, 10 are still in the mission field. I know not how many others I have forgotten to count, or have not known about. I do not count here the numerous stake missions and many important positions filled. I have on my list eight that are or have been members of Stake High Councils and 20 that are or have been members of Ward Bishoprics.
        Those that have been active in the quorums of the priesthood and the different organizations of the church are many. If I were able to tell of the many who have and are still doing family research and temple work, it would be interesting to hear. It would be good to know of the many that have been active in the Relief Society, the M.I.A.'s, the Sunday Schools, the Primary, the Religion classes and other good work. I honor and love all our boys and girls who have and are still defending the flag of our country, our homes and our sacred honor.
        Even now I feel to shout, as in ecstasy, and again exclaim: "Oh, What shall the harvest be?"

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