Utah and Wasatch County lines. After that job was completed I worked at Deer Creek for David Huffaker and David Van Wagoner. Mine was the best team on the job so they took me off the scraper and gave me a plow. My job was to keep plenty of dirt loose for the scrapers. I sure liked to build railroad grade. But alas! My job did not last. Even though I was getting $4.00 per day, father would not listen. He insisted I go home and help to put up the hay.


        The spring of 1899 brother Will and I purchased from J.R. Murdock, the home and 26 acres of land formerly owned by Louise Murdock and I went to live with Will and Agnes so that I might be able to take care of my milk cows better.
        In earlier days when Ralph and I had complained to brother Will because he always left the chores for us to do while he went courting, he insisted that the time was coming when our younger brothers would do our chores, and we could do as we pleased on Sunday. I sure looked forward for that time; it came when my own children were able to do the chores for me!
        Feeding cattle and milking cows tied me up very closely. Each night, seven days a week, I had to milk and do my other chores, regardless of what entertainment was going on, unless I especially arranged with brother Will to do my work. Other boys and girls were having a good time. They were going out together. Some were getting married. What about me? Was I losing out? Those were my thoughts, yet I can only say I was too busy to worry about the girls or marriage, except that I had taken my troubles to the Lord, and I felt that when the proper time for marriage came, some sweet girl would still be waiting for me. I did not want to deceive a girl by making her believe I loved her and then disappoint her. My thoughts were that I must first go into the world and fill a mission. I must pay the debt of gratitude I owed because the Mormon missionaries had carried the gospel message to far off England to my parents.
        For years I had prayed that some day I might be able to go on a mission. I was really anxxious to go. One night a cottage meeting was held in Father’s home. I was there. Bishop Daybell related some of his missionary experiences. I went to my room, said my prayers and asked the Lord to open the way that I might go on a mission. I went to Heber to the home of Patriarch John Duke. He gave me a blessing. Among the promises he gave me was the following: "Your spirit has been held back for 6,000 years to come forth in this day and age of the world. And the Lord has a great work for you to do. You shall be a swift messenger to the nations of the earth."

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