However, he again cautioned me to keep still on the question of money.
        The next morning when we went out to the corral, Mr. Harris again said, "Why don’t you load up your car? After the first four heifers which Winterton has selected at $150.00 each, you can have the balance at $125.00 each."
        In reply to Mr. Harris’s offer I said, "Mr. Harris, I would like more of these heifers but I have not the money to pay for them." Mr. Harris replied, "My boy, your face looks good to me, and you can have all the heifers you want. You can sign a note for them."
        Before leaving home, Moroni and Fred had said they did not want to buy any registered heifers, so I dared not to buy too many. But I said, "Mr. Harris, at your offer I will take a total of ten head of heifers." Bishop Ritchie then spoke up and said, "I will take eight heifers." When we arrived home with the heifers the Bishop contended that we should divide the heifers taking 9 head each. I asked him why he did not make up his mind while in Missouri that he wanted more heifers and not ask me for one of mine. Also on arriving at home, Moroni and Fred insisted that they should have part of my heifers so our partnership business would be more easy to figure.
        Bishop Ritchie and I drew cuts to see who would have first pick of the bulls. He won. I was then to have the first pick of the heifers. I used my best judgment and strategy in selecting the heifers I most wanted.
        The next June, my son, Omni Overton was born. We named him Overton because of great respect I had for Overton Harris.
        In the fall of 1914 when our first crop of calves were about six months old, we sold to John C. Whiting four heifer calves and then sold the balance of the heifer calves to Flint Dixon of Payson.
        John C. Whiting also purchased the first bull calf born, at the price of $500.00. He was sired by Beau Morton and out of dam Princess G. by Repeater. He being the Grand Champion Bull of America.
        That same fall of 1914, I went back to Nebraska and bought 20 head of yearling heifers from Thos. Mortimer of Madison Nebraska which afterwards were declared the Grand Champion car load of the show at Denver.
        My reason for going to Thos. Mortimers ranch to buy I will here explain: At the Utah State Fair in Oct. 1914, we bought the Grand Champion Bull, Beau Morton, from Bill Henn, a bull dealer. He was bred by Q.E. Green of Genoa, Nebraska. Thos. Mortimer was the judge at the fair.
        Before I bought the bull I questioned Thos. Mortimer about the breeding of the bull, Beau Morton, and also asked where I might get some good heifers. He recommended to me a number of breeders. I asked him if he was a breeder and he replied that he was. I asked him what he would sell me some heifers for.
        He replied, "I will sell you yearling heifers better than these heifers shown at this State Fair for $150.00 per head. I told him I would go to Nebraska and call on him.

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