Tom Allen and their wives; Mr. and Mrs. John W. Hoover; my wife Sarah and I.
        The happiest time in all people's lives should be when they are raising their family and the children are all home; When the children are happy, full of life and glee, continually striving to improve their time and talent, each one striving for success and dreaming of still brighter days ahead. That was generally our kind of life, regardless of how hard we and the children worked.
        However, we had enough trouble and sickness in the family to remind us we must not forget the Lord. Several times we had one of the children struck with severe sickness, sometimes pneumonia. (I remember that Deloy had Pneumonia several times besides the time he had the flu and pneumonia.) On those occasions we remembered that we had the privilege to call into our homes the servants of the Lord holding the priesthood and to ask them to administer to our children.
        My wife Sarah had lots of faith, and especially did she have faith that if her father and brothers administered to her children that they would be healed. Accordingly it was not uncommon to hear Dr. Wherritt remark when he made his second trip to our home statements similar to the following: "What has happened to this child? I am surprised. He is so much better. Yesterday he was very sick. Now he seems to be almost well. His fever is nearly gone."
        Surely the Lord blessed us and we raised our family and kept them near us until Harold was suddenly taken away from us. Of that tragedy I must tell later.


        It was in the year 1926 that father grew ill and became very sick. It was thought that nothing but an operation could save his life, so, accordingly, everything was made ready for the trip to the L.D.S. Hospital.
        My father desired that before he leave for the hospital, that his sons administer to him. Brother Ralph was not at home. We other four were there. Before administering to him, all the family present at that time, knelt by his bedside and we had family prayer.
        I felt the presence of the Spirit of the Lord. As I remember. Brother Moroni anointed him with oil and I was asked to seal the anointing. I remember some of the words I uttered. When the following words came into my mind: "You shall yet live to enjoy life." I hesitated. I thought, should I give him the promise of enjoyment of life? Is it the Holy Ghost that is directing my thoughts and utterances, or is it through my great desire for his recovery? As we stood there in silence with our hands upon our dear father's head, those were the only words that I could utter or think of until I had made him that promise. "You shall yet live to enjoy life." Oh, how I prayed that I had made that promise through the inspiration of the Spirit of the Lord.
        Father was taken to the hospital, but soon sent back home, because they said they could do nothing for him. After

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