And now, see what has happened.
        Look at the beautiful country we call Orem, with its beautiful homes and orchards. Look at the big build-up along the east foot hills in Salt Lake Valley.
        There would be no excuse for me writing the foregoing story now, except for the fact that the people of Duchesne and Uintah Counties are confronted with a quite similar problem, because of the filings and contentions of men interest in promoting the Central Utah project.
        Personally, I am interested in allowing outside people to come in and develop ways and means which the surplus waters of the state can be put to beneficial use.
        However, I am very much opposed to allowing the intruding of the new comers upon the rights of the old established water users and the ones who labored for 50 years to establish good homes in the Uintah Basin. It is now their home; the only home they can call their own.
        If the representatives of the water interests are able to defend those interest, they have got to be alert. They must keep their ears open and their eyes alert to all that is happening. They will be dealing with shrewd men.
        To the above I respectfully sign my name.

                                                Hyrum S. Winterton


        My main reason for leaving Charleston was the fact that we were unable to secure enough land in one place so that we could properly take care of the cattle we had in our possession.
        Our cattle were nearly all purebred registered herefords. (It was through the encouragement I received from John Van Wagoner Jr. that I went up into the Kamas and Woodland districts to look around. I was shown the Riley Fitzgerald ranch upon Bench Creek. There was not enough form land to suit me but I figured I could buy more farm land.
        I was especially interested in the mountain range land of about 1300 acres. I figured that would be good range land for the cattle to pasture during the month of May before we went to Strawberry Valley on June 1st. In that I was mistaken because the Woodland range was not much earlier than the Strawberry range.
        I paid $18,000.00 for the Fitzgerald ranch. Later I paid George Watkins $4,000.00 for the Van Tassel 160 acres. I paid later $9,000.00 to Ole Larsen for 228 acres of land across the Provo River and south of the James Knight ranch.
        It was in the year 1922 that we first bought property at Woodland. It was in the year 1928 when the family moved up to Woodland and we rented the old Moon home to live in. Our home on the Fitzgerald ranch on Bench Creek had burned in the fall of 1924 (?).
        We had not lived in the Moon home long until D. A. Bisel

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