she was happy, because she was here in Zion with her husband and children. I was young, but I never tired of listening to the words that came to my ears from her lips, if at all it concerned her past life. And as I now sit and think, I seem to still remember her story, and I think I can almost see the city of Nottingham where there was a faithful branch of the church. I see an industrious hard working people. A people desirous of serving the Lord, a people who loved home and family, and who were willing, if needs be, to make a sacrifice that the Lord’s will might be done.
        The gathering of Israel was in progress. The prophets of old had long since foretold of this great day. Now that day had come. Moses had appeared to the boy prophet, Joseph Smith, and Oliver Cowdery and delivered to them the keys and authority of the Gathering of Israel . Quite a number of converts to the new faith had already gone to Zion. Among the numbers were William Winterton and his two sons John and William. My mother’s sisters, Jane, Mary Ann and Elizabeth, also Joseph Squires and others. We need not be surprised that these young people grew to be more anxious day by day. Ellen (Nellie) Widdison, Ann Winterton and Polly Squires all had brothers or sisters who were already in Utah, Familiarly spoken of as Zion. They also looked forward to the day when they could go and they wanted to go together. They were very close friends, and could be found together, if possible, either at work, at church, or at play.
        Mother and Aunt Ann worked together in the Nottingham lace factory. That is where they earned money to pay for their transportation to Utah. I never hear of those girls ever going out with a boy in England. It seems they were not interested in boys unless they were Latter Day Saints. My mother said she did not want to marry in England and be denied her greatest desire, a home in the land of Zion. Such words were an inspiration to me. I think Aunt Ann talked of my father. I think she thought Nellie was the one for him and don’t you think that Mother prayed for divine guidance? I think so. I have always been so glad that my father and mother were brought together. I am so thankful for my parents. I have always believed that they were two choice spirits brought together and united through the inspiration of the Spirit of the Lord. Nothing to me seems more important than to ask the Lord to direct us in all our acts and affairs of life.
        My mind still takes me back to Nottingham. I think of those girls as members of the Nottingham Choir. They were beautiful singers. When it was announced the girls were leaving, there would be sadness. They would be missed and the girls were sad at the thoughts of leaving dear friends. Before leaving, a picture of the members of the Choir was taken. That picture was one of Mother’s choicest relics and it hung on the wall in our home until long after Mother had passed away. That same picture I now have in my possession. None other could treasure it more than I. Another incident my mother sometimes related, I remember as follows: She said that she and her girl friends heard that Spiritualist meetings were being held in their neighborhood, and that a certain man could and did make tables dance around the floor. Mother said she and the other girls did not believe such things were manifestations of the Spirit of the Lord, but decided to go to one of the meetings. After certain preliminaries the man commanded the table to dance. Nothing moved. He again commanded but everything remained quiet. Finally the man turned to the audience and said, "There are opposing spirits in this house and I can do nothing while they are here. I wish they would leave." She and

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