Hyrum Winterton
About 1943

Hand Drawn Map

Members of Nottingham Choir, in England  The 3 girls on the left are Ann Winterton,
Ellen Widdison and Polly Squires.  About 1868

Old Home in Charleston, Utah, where Hyrum S. Winterton was born, Aug.  16,  1878.
Also born here were John Joseph, Ralph, Moroni and Melissa Winterton

Mother Ellen Widdison Winterton, baby Moroni and Hyrum, age 4, in 1822 
(There is a hand written correction changing the date to 1882)

sarah.jpg (12391 bytes)
Sarah Van Wagoner about 1900

L. to R.  Earl Carlyle, and Harold V.
Winterton 1930

The John Van Wagoner family  --- about 1912
Front Row L.  to R. ; Dean, Clara, Grace, Albert; middle row: Joh, Joh-the father,
Margaret-the mother, Will and Sarah; back row:  Mary, Luella, Joseph, Nancy,
David and Elizah   {Correction of typing mistake in the original  John, and John-the}

Father’s first family
From left to right:   Malissa,  William H.,  Father William Winterton, and  T.  Fredrick
Winterton,  Back row:  Hyrum, Ralph, Sarah, Eliza, Moroni Winterton, and Fred Parker [a
Nephew to William, who lived with them.]

Father’s second family:
Edward, Nettie, Valeo J., “Aunt” Jane, Father William, and Carry Winterton

Family Group about 1916
Back row: Ralph, Van, Harold, mother-Sarah Van
Wagoner Winterton, and father-Hyrum W. Winterton.
Front row:  Omni, Clair, [on mother’s lap], Grace, and
Luella   {Corrected typing mistake in original Hyrum S.}

Ralph Deloy, Omni Overton, Clair William, Harold
Vernon, and Van Delos Winterton, boys of H. S. and
Sarah Winterton.   About 1916

Hyrum S. Winterton as a missionary to Eastern States Mission in 1900

Hyrum S. Winterton and companion Harry Hardy in Loudoun County, Virginia, August 1900



Missionary Group, 1902 in Baltimore, Maryland.
Left to right: Hyrum S. Winterton, Charleston, Utah; John Blair, Spring City, Utah;  Ira
A.       Call, Bancroft, Idaho;  Gaskell Romney, Dublan, Mexico [father of George Romney,
Former governor of Michigan]; Ernest E. Cheney, Brigham City, Utah; James A. Loveless,
Provo, Utah; Thomas Freeman, Salt Lake City, Uta

Gladys and Leo Winterton in front of the old home built by William
Winterton in about 1898.

Hyrum S. Winterton’s good brick home in Charleston, Built in 1917.
Home has now been bought and restored by the Don Beuhner family
Who live there.

Geneology Group in Charleston taken about 1940 in front of
Grandfather William Winterton’s home.

Family group, includes entire posterity in 1943 before Hyrum S.
and Sarah went on their mission to Mississippi.

Hyrum S. Winterton and Sarah, getting ready to leave
For home after mission in Winter Haven, Florida.

Sarah Van Wagonen Winterton and daughters, Grace,
Luella, Ruth, Eva and Stella.  1943
{Sarah Van Wagoner, I believe this to be a typing mistake, uses of the
name Van Wagonen in our family history pre dated Sarah}

Hyrum Winterton and his second wife, Jessie.  1953

In 1974 part of the family who attended the annual
picnic on July 24th in Strawberry Valley.  Front:
Hyrum S. Winterton, Ruth Huff and Omni O.
Winterton.  Back:  Van D. Winterton, Stella Lewis,
Clair Winterton and Eva Kohkonnen

Harold Winterton, holding the bull, and Clair kneeling in front.
The bull is Donal Panama III, many times grand champion bull
on the Western show circuit, shown here at the Christmas
Livestock show in Los Angeles in 1928.  Harold was 25.
We do not have many pictures of Harold, most of them having
been burned in the fire when the home burned.

Hyrum S. Winterton, and grandson, Jimmy Huff, greeting
crowd from horseback at livestock tour in 1956.
Jimmy was later killed in a highway accident in Strawberry Valley

Hyrum S. Winterton, Norman Winterton [son of Harold, deceased],
Van Winterton, Grace Simmons, Ralph D. Winterton, Luella Walker,
Omni O. Winterton, Clair Winterton, Ruth Huff, Eva Kohkonnen, and
Stella Lewis.  1956


Hyrum S., Luella, Ruth, Van, Mont, and Omni

Don, Mont, Hyrum S. and Clair

Hyrum S. and Vern

Hyrum S. and Luella

Van D., Omni, and Hyrum S.

Luella, and Ruth with Hyrum S.

Stella Lewis, Eva Kohkonnen, Ruth Huff, Luella Walker, Grace
Simmons, Omni O. Winterton and Van D. Winterton


Front: baby, Brent Alexander, great-great grandson,
Julie Alexander, mother, Hyrum S. Winterton.
Back: Eldon Winterton, grandson; Van D. Winterton,
son. {date penciled in to our book 1976}


Age 93, 1971

Age 94, 1972 in Omni’s home at Roosevelt

Hyrum S. Winterton at his desk in his apartment in Omni Winterton’s home at Roosevelt.

Hyrum S. Winterton and family at reunion in Strawberry Valley 1966

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