Did You Know Thatů.

If you are a descendant of Hyrum Winterton and Sarah Van Wagoner Winterton thatů.
  • You have an ancestor who was a Cherokee Indian Chief. And that thus, you are a direct descendant of Israel through Manasseh (Alma 10:3 Lehi was a descendant of Mannaseh, and the "Native" Americans descended from Lehi). Thus, if your patriarchal blessing states that you are of the house of Ephraim then you are most likely a direct descendant of Ephraim with more of the blood of Ephraim than Manasseh.
  • You have an ancestor who, as a child, walked across the plains barefoot.
  • You have an ancestor who went with ox teams and wagons along with others to get the last group of emigrants who did not go all the way to Utah by train.
  • You have two ancestors buried in the cemetery at Winter Quarters.
  • You have an ancestor couple who buried their child in a "casket made of shingles, under a chestnut tree" on the plains of Iowa before they got to "Zion".
  • You have an ancestor who was one of Joseph Smith's bodyguards.
  • You have several ancestors who where friends with the prophet Joseph and his wife Emma, and visited their Nauvoo home frequently.
  • You have an ancestor who was baptized by Joseph Smith.
  • You have an ancestor who lived in Ohio, Missouri, and Nauvoo during the time that the saints were in those respective areas.
  • You have an ancestor whose three teen aged sons ran away from home in a refusal to leave Nauvoo and go west, and who despite even this, gathered up his youngest daughter and followed the Saints, never to see his sons again in this life.
You are a person of noble birth. And not just because of your ancestry. You are a child of the Great Eternal God. You were present at the Grand Council in Heaven. You sided with the plan of the Savior and actively fought for it and against Lucifer and his followers in the war in Heaven. You have been sent to this earth at this time and have been placed in the position that you are to give you an opportunity to continue to "fight the good fight" and to carry on in the building of the Kingdom of your Father. You are truly "A Child of Noble Birth".

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