This Indenture made the Twelfth Day of April Annon Domini One Thousand Seven hundred and Forty; - Between Cornelius Blinkerhoff in the County of Bergen and Province of East New Jersey, Yeoman, of the one part, and Helmech van Wagenen – of Bergen, in the County and Province aforesaid, Yoeman of the other part. – Witnesseth, that the said Cornelius Blinkerhof, for and in Consideration of the Sum of two Hundred Pounds Currant lawful money of the Colony of New-York, to me in hand paid, at and before the Ensealing and Delivery hereof, the receipt whereof is hereby acknowledged. Hath granted, bargained, Sold, and by those presents, doth grant, bargain, sell unto the said Helmech van Wagenen, his Heirs, Adminsrs and assignes, The Northerly part, the full half of all Tract or parcel of Land, Situate and being upon Pahaguess River in the County of Bergen aforesaid, being butted and bounded in manner following, viz., Beginning at a white oak marked K- - twelve notches on the side of a hill called Qannaqua hill, above the Indian burying place, thence west – fifteen Chains to a white oak Corner post Standing over a Run. Thence South forty-Seven Degrees West twenty chains to a Spanish Oak Corner, thence West fourteen Chains to a Corner post Standing on the west Side of Pahaguess River, on the edge or near the upper end of a plain, thence South twenty-three Degrees West in the plain thirty-five chains to a post thence South eighty Degrees, west Sixteen Chains an half to a white oak, and then more the same Course Eleven Chains to a white oak, thence South ten chains and an half to a black oak by a small run, thence South Seventy-three Degrees, easterly twenty-three Chains to a White Oak, thence South twenty-two Chains to a black oak for a Corner, thence South thirty Degrees Westerly twenty-eight Chains and an half to a black oak standing by a Small run of water, thence South Sixty-eight degrees, Easterly Sixteen chains to a maple standing by the fork of said Run where it runs into another run thence north fifty-five degrees Easterly, fifty-three Chains and across a hill and said Pahaguess River to a white oak for a corner, thence north twenty-three Degrees east Sixty-three Chains, thence north nine degrees east fifty-three Chains to the first mentioned Corner, to remain by Richard Ashfield his Line, the whole Tract of Land containing (besides allowance for highways) Six Hundred and twenty-five Acres, be it the same more or less, Which said Land was bought of Joseph Kirkbride, writings thereunto had, may more fully and at large appear. Likewise all my Right and Title, Claim and Demand, that I have in the Ceder-Swamp, bought of Doctor Johnson, writings thereunto had may at large appear. To have and to hold, the said granted and bargained, premises with all the Appurtinances, Priviledges and Commodities to the same belonging or in any wise appertaining, To him the said Helmech van Wagenen, his Heirs and assigns forever, to his and their own proper use benefit and behoof for ever. And I the said Cornelius Blinkerhof, for me, my Heirs, Executors, Adminrs, do Covenent, promise and grant to and with the said Helmech van Wagenen, his Heirs, & Assigns, that before the Ensealing hereof, I am the true Sole and lawfull owner of the above bargained premises, and am lawfully seized and possessed of the same in mine own right, as a good perfect and absolute Estate of Inheritance, and have in myself good right, full power and lawful Authority, to grant, bargain, Sell, convey and confirm, said bargained premises in manner as above said. And that the said Helmech van Wagenen, his Heirs and Assigns, shall and may from time to time and all times for ever hereafter; by force and virtue of these presents, lawfully, peaseably, and quietly have, hold, use, occupy, possess and enjoy, the said demised and bargained premises with the Appurtinances free and clear and freely and clearly acquitted, exonerated and discharged of, from all and all manner of former and other gifts, grants, bargains, Sales, leases, Mortgages, Wills, Entails, joynters, Dowries, Judgments, Executions, Incumbrances and Extents (the Quitrents there unto Issuing to our Souveraign Lord the King, if any be, only excepted) furthermore, I the said Cornelius Blinkerhof, for my Self, my Heirs, Excutors, Administrators, do Covenant and Engage the above demised premises to him the said Helmech van Wagenen his Heirs and Assigns, against the Lawfull Claims and Demands of a any person or persons whatsoever, for ever hereafter to warrant, secure and defend. In Witness whereof I have hereunto set my Hand and Seal the Day and Year above Written.

Signed, Sealed and delivered                           his

in presence of,                           Cornelius       C   B       Blinkerhof


        Robert Livesey

        Johannes Vandevoot

The Counter Bergen (1741) August 17th personally appeared before me

William Provoost judge of the Superior Court of Common Pleas for said

County_________This_________grantor Cornelius Blinkerhof__________who

acknowledged to have executed the same pastur voluntary Act and Deed

whereby______________th same may be received.

signed by William Provoost

witnessed David Provoost clrk

acknowledging deed recording

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