Glen Elden Van Wagenen was born November 8th, 1933 in Provo, Utah County, Utah. He received his early education at the Franklin Elementary, Dixon Junior High and Provo High Schools. He was an active member of the Provo 6th and 14th wards. Also in the Boy Scouts troop 714 where he received his Eagle and other awards.
    He was interested in music belonging to school orchestras and other choruses. He was a member of the Madrigal chorus at the B..Y.U. which toured the U.S. extensively singing in the White House and many other places of interest. He was also interested in photography and managed Biddulph Photo Studio while attending the B.Y.U.
    In 1954 he married Palma Sorenson and shortly after left for a mission in the Southwest Indian mission serving in Arizona and New Mexico. The love he felt for the Indian people and the desire to help them led to his entering the newly organized Church Indian Education Program where he worked in the Orem area. He moved to Phoenix, Arizona to organize and open up the Indian program and after five years transferred to the Los Angeles area to establish the program in the California area. At present he lives in Fullerton, California and is Director of the California Indian Education Program.
    He and Palma have adopted four lovely children, Russel born 7 Dec. 1959, Michelle, born 10 Sept 1961, Christine, born 14 Jan 1963 and David born 2 Sept 1966. All are active in church and community affairs and at present Glen is a Ward Clerk in the Placentia Ward in the Fullerton area. Palma Sorenson Van Wagenen is the daughter of Ray Sorenson and Fontella Black.



    Alan Kent Van Wagenen was born 23 May 1939 in Provo, Utah County, Utah. He attended school at the Franklin Elementary, Dixon Junior High and graduated from Provo High School in 1957. He was an active member of the Provo Sixth and Fourteenth Wards and became an Eagle Scout along with his father and brother Glen.
    After completing 2 years at the B.Y.U. he was called on a mission to Southern Australia. He served in Hobart, Tasmania and the Melbourne and Adelaide areas. Returning home in July of 1961. He married Arlene Dunford, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. G. Osmond Dunford. He returned to the B.Y.U. to complete his education. He was a member of the Madrigal and Oratorio Choirs and graduated in 1964 with a major in music.
    He moved to Las Vegas and taught music in the schools there for three years. He became Bishop of the North Las Vegas 4th Ward.
    At present he is living in Scottsdale, Arizona, teaching music to the new Saguare High School and working on his masters degree at the university of Arizona in Tempe.
    He and Arlene have three children: Shanna, born February 16, 1963; Julie, born May 1st, 1964; and Mark, born December 14th, 1966.



    George Christopher Van Wagenen was born in Midway, Wasatch County, Utah, on March 5, 1869, a son of David and Julia Ann Provost Van Wangenen. He was one of twelve children born to David and Julie. George attended the Midway schools and was later employed by his father in the Midway Cooperative Store. Later still he managed the store and served as postal clerk. He was a well known musician in his earlier days. He played the violin and dulcimer in his own orchestra and called for the old-time dances.
    When a young man, George attended a Van Wagenen reunion in Provo and there met Katie Matilda Stark. The two were attracted to each other from the first. Upon his first visit to Katie’s home in Payson, Utah, George asked for her hand in marriage. Katie’s mother wanted them to become better acquainted before they became engaged. So they corresponded for a few months. George made the then long journey from Midway to Payson by means of horse and buggy when the snow in Provo Canyon was not too severe. June 20, 1894, George and Katie were married in the Salt Lake L.D.S. Temple. They were never separated until his death fifty-four years later.
    After their marriage, George and Katie lived in Midway for a few years. While there they traveled all over the county and played for dances several nights a week. However, over a period of time, the water in Midway did not agree with Katie, so the couple moved to Provo.
    When they moved to Provo, George operated a grocery store. In years to follow he managed two other grocery stores. In a few years, George was employed by his brother, Alma Van Wagenen, selling buggies and later automobiles. George was a good salesman and enjoyed meeting the public. He was also employed by the Utah Woolen Mills, by Consolidated Hardware Company, by Studebaker Bros. Selling automobiles, and finally by Union Pacific Railroad, from which he retired in 1942 after 20 years of service.
    George and Katie Van Wagenen were the parents of six children: Fern LaPriel was born in Midway, and Glen George, Clyde LaVar, Verl Eldon, Faye Erva, and Donna Myrle were born in Provo. His eldest son, Glen, passed away in 1926, while teaching music at the Brigham Young University.
    George C. Van Wagenen was an active member of the Latter-Day Saints Church. He was a High Priest at the time of his death in Provo, Utah, July 25, 1948.
    George Christopher Van Wagenen was a likeable man. He was generous and very appreciative. He was unusually pleasant and patient. He wanted very little in a material sense, but he treasured his family and wanted them to have every advantage. He was proud of his wife and children and his main concern was their well being.



    I was born in Midway, Wasatch County, Utah, to George Christopher Van Wagenen and Katie Matilda Stark.
    When I was two years old my parents and I moved from Midway on account of mother’s health. We moved to Provo, Utah, where father went into the grocery business.
    I received my education in the Provo City schools and at the Brigham Young University.
    I married Earl Ferguson when very young and through his lack of education it was hard for us to get ahead, so a year after marriage I had the opportunity to be Deputy Clerk of Utah County, which I did for four years. I tried to keep up my duties at home as well and also tried to be active in church activities, especially Sunday School.
    Later I had a job offered me at the J.C. Penney Co. as cashier. I held this job for several years. During these years Elva and Boyd were born, but through the cooperation of my mother I continued working.
    I have held many church duties. I have taught Sunday School most of my life, have been Junior Sunday School Coordinator for 17 years, and was on the Sunday School Stake Board twice, five years each time.
    Later on in my life I worked for Jenkins Knit Goods and in 1931 took a position as bookkeeper with Lewis Ladies Store and stayed there until 1952. After they sold their business I worked for Consolidated Corp. as bookkeeper until 1963. Most recently I have been employed as cashier and bookkeeper at Leven’s in Provo.
    My marriage to Earl Ferguson terminated in divorce. Later I married Charles Arthur Garvis, to whom I was happily married for 18 years. He died of a heart attack in 1961. During that time they put me in as organist in Relief Society and I tried to do the best I could in that capacity.
    In 1965 June 5th, I married Francis Lynn Johnson and we are very happy together. He has just been put in as High Priest Group Leader and we are enjoying it very much.
    I appreciate our religion very much and have an ardent testimony of its truthfulness. I am so grateful for the wonderful heritage I have been blessed with. My parents were God fearing people and they taught me and my three brothers and two sisters that the Gospel was the most important thing in our lives.



    Glen George Van Wagenen was born in Provo, Utah, June 27, 1899, the second child of George Christopher Van Wagenen and Katie Matilda Stark. He had five brothers and sisters: Fern LaPriel, Clyde LaVar, Verl Eldon, Faye Erva, and Donna Myrle. He was educated in the public school of Provo, attending Timpanogos Elementary School, Provo Junior High School, and Provo High School. He graduated from the Brigham Young University in June of 1920.
    Glen was baptized and confirmed a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day-Saints in June of 1907. He was always active in the church, holding many positions of responsibility. He taught classes in the various auxiliaries and was in the presidencies of some of the Priesthood Quorums in his ward.
    June 17, 1922 Glen was called to serve a Swiss-German Mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day-Saints. He labored in Germany for twenty-eight months. He served a wonderful mission for the church. He was very humble and devoted in his calling; and his musical ability helped him to touch the hearts of those whom he taught the Gospel. At a very early age, Glen demonstrated an aptitude for music. Even at the age of five, he entertained people on the harmonica. In his youth he learned to play many instruments. He was most accomplished in playing the violin, the piccalo, and the flute.
    During his stay in Germany, Glen became ill with pneumonia and was not expected to live to return home. However, as result of the faith and prayers of the Saints and because of the exceptional care he received from a Presbyterian doctor, Glen recovered from his illness and returned home after completing his mission.
    During the First World War, Glen joined the R.O.T.C. and served in the army. He was stationed at the Precedio in California.
    In 1925 Glen Van Wagenen was made a member of the faculty of the Brigham Young University. In addition to his activities in the schools of Provo, Glen attended McCune School of Music and Art at Salt Lake City and taught music in the Hinckley and the Heber High Schools. He was a member of the Provo Band for seven years, and at one time was a member of the Epperson Military Band of Salt Lake City and the Elks’ Band of Provo.
    Glen passed away at his home in Provo, Utah August 7, 1926. His family; and the community suffered a great loss at his passing. Those who knew him loved him for his humility, for his service to others and for his dedication to those principles he knew were right and good.



    Clyde Lavar Van Wagenen was born May 13, 1903, at Provo, Utah, a son of George Christopher Van Wagenen and Katie Matilda Stark. He was baptized and confirmed a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day-Saints on May 21, 1911.
    Clyde received his education in the Provo City Schools. He attended the Timpanogas Elementary, Provo High School, Brigham Young University. He graduated from the BYU with a major in Business Administration June, 1927. He was awarded a fellowship at the New York University.
    Clyde has always been active in the church. In his youth serving as President of the Deacon’s and Teacher’s Quorums and secretary of the Priest’s Quorum.
    Clyde was born into a musical family. His father played the violin, his mother the piano, his brothers and sisters each learned to play at least one instrument. Clyde’s love of music began at an early age. He was playing drums in All City Band at the age of five. He played the drums in several dance orchestras. Later Clyde took up the trumpet. He was the sole trumpet player at the BYU for four years. He also played trumpet in the famous Provo City Band. He was President of the BYU Band during one school year, and Secretary and Treasurer of the Provo Band for three years.
    While attending BYU, in order to pay his expenses through school, Clyde worked part time for J.C. Penney Company.
    At the completion of his college training, Mr. Orson John Hyde, General Manager of the Mountain States Telephone Company, came to Provo and offered Clyde employment with the Telephone Company. Clyde was also offered a very fine position with J.C. Penney Company. Clyde accepted the fine position offered him by the Telephone Company and commenced work on November 2, 1927, in Price, Utah. This began a long, successful and enjoyable career with the Mountain States Telephone Company.
    Prior to graduating from the BYU, Clyde met Genevieve Johnson of Provo, a daughter of Alfred C. and Josephine Brown Johnson. Clyde and Genevieve were married June 6, 1928 in the Salt Lake Temple. This happy marriage has been blessed with six wonderful children—two daughters and four sons:
    Miriam, Alfred C., Richard G., Michael J., Robert A., and Shauna. All four sons have served as missionaries for the L.D.S. Church. All six children are active and hold positions of leadership in the Church. All six have attended college and graduated or are working towards graduation at the present time. Clyde’s posterity includes 12 grandchildren. Clyde’s wife (Genevieve has held positions in all the auxiliary organizations of the Church. She has been a teacher in Relief Society for many years. She has taught Theology, Social Science and Spiritual Living lessons for both ward and stake. At the present, she is writing manuals for the General Board of MIA. Genevieve writes for all the church magazines.
    In 1930 Clyde was transferred from Price to Ogden as Ogden Commercial Supervisor for the Telephone Company. He served as Counselor in the 17th Ward, YMMIA.
    In 1933 Clyde was transferred to Logan, Utah, as Special Representative for his company. While in Logan, he worked as Assistant Recorder in the Logan Temple. He was also a member of Cache Stake Sunday School Presidency.
    In 1935 he was transferred to Salt Lake City as Training Supervisor for the Telephone Co. He served as Counselor in YMMIA in 12th and 13th Ward.
    Clyde was ordained a Seventy by Rulon S. Wells, one of the Seven Presidents of seventies, on February 28, 1937.
    Clyde has been active in many civic positions: Member Utah State Safety Committee, National Safety Director Junior Chamber of Commerce, Director Sugar House Lions Club, and member of Sugar House Chamber of Commerce.
    Clyde was ordained Bishop of the Ninth Ward, Liberty Stake by Apostle Sylvester Q. Cannon, May 1, 1939. In this position of bishop he had many thrilling and faith promoting experiences. Clyde was greatly blessed with inspiration and discernment. He served the people well during the great depression. Under his leadership the Ward was freed of indebtedness for the first time in sixty years. The membership of the ward was spiritually revitalized and the meeting house completely remodeled and redecorated during his term of office. Clyde proved a great blessing to the Ward and the members were sorrowful when he was transferred to Ogden.
    Clyde supervised the conversion of telephone service in Ogden, to dial. The conversion took one year to complete. When the conversion was nearing completion, President Percy J. Goddard, of Liberty Stake in Salt Lake, made a special trip to Ogden to see Clyde. He importuned Clyde to return to Liberty Stake to reside, as he had a special assignment for him.
    Clyde was transferred to Salt Lake as Utah Commercial Supervisor. Unable to find the desired housing in Liberty Stake, a new home was purchased in Highland Stake. Clyde served in Highland Stake Sunday School Presidency for a short time. On April 9, 1943, he was ordained Bishop of Park Avenue Ward (Now East Stratford Ward), Highland Stake, by Apostle Joseph Fielding Smith. Here again he had an outstanding ward under his leadership. Presiding Bishop LeGrand Richards said, "Park Avenue Ward is one of the outstanding wards of the whole Church."
    Clyde held many positions of leadership in civic organizations. He was a Director in Salt Lake City Lions club. He was appointed chairman of U.S. Bond Drive for the year 1963.
    November 1, 1948, Clyde was set apart as a member of the Highland Stake High council by Apostle Marion G. Romney. Later when Highland Stake was reorganized he was set apart as a member of the new Highland Stake High Council by Apostle Joseph F. Merrill.
    During his career with the Telephone Company he was promoted to many responsible positions in the Executive Department. At the present time he is Utah Customer Relations Supervisor of the Mountain States Telephone company.
    Clyde has a strong testimony of the truthfulness of the gospel and the power of the Priesthood. He has witnessed many miracles. He has been an active and devoted temple worker, having performed more than 200 endowments for the dead.
    Life has been sweet and very rewarding and he thanks his Father in Heaven for his many blessings.

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