I was born January 25, 1907 in Provo, Utah, the fourth child of George Christopher Van Wagenen and Katie Matilda Stark. I had five brothers and sisters: Fern LaPriel, Clyde LaVar, Glen George, Faye Erva and Donna Myrle Van Wagenen.
    I was blessed March 31, 1907 by my father George C. Van Wagenen, baptized April 25, 1915 by W. Lester Mangum and confirmed a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day-Saints April 25, 1915 by Alfred L. Booth.
    My family and I have always had an interest in music. When I was five years of age my brothers Glen and Clyde and I marched around the streets of Provo and Heber on the 4th of July celebrating the occasion. Glen played the picallo, Clyde and I the drums.
    Later, Clyde and I learned to play the trumpet and played many duets for special events and finally played in the Brigham Young University Band. Glen, Clyde and I were all members of the B.Y.U. Band and we traveled a great deal with the band. I recall that we always had music in our home. My father played the violin and my mother the piano, and every member of the family was given an opportunity of learning how to play an instrument.
    My education was received in the Provo City Schools. I attended Timpanogos Elementary School, Provo Junior High, Provo Senior High and Brigham Young University. I graduated from the B.Y.U. with a major in accounting and business administration June 1st 1928.
    I supported myself the latter part of high school and college by working at Leven’s Clothing Store, at which I am still employed.
    June 6th 1928 I married Rayola Godfrey from Idaho Falls, Idaho who had been attending the B.Y.U. We were married in the Salt Lake Temple. Our marriage has been blessed with two wonderful sons, each of whom has served a mission for the L.D.S. church, both however is serving in the bishopric of his ward and one has served as bishop. Rayola and I have seven grandchildren.
    I have held many positions in the church. From 1928 until 1933 I served as President of the Y.M.M.I.A. of the Provo Fourth Ward from 1933 until 1938. From 1949 until 1954 I served as a member of the Utah Stake High Council under the presidency of Victor J. Bird and President Fred L. Markham. September 12th, 1954 I was ordained a Bishop of the newly organized Fourteenth Ward in Provo. I was ordained by Elder ElRay Christiansen. I held that position until March of 1964. While Bishop, the Fourteenth Ward built 125 floats for various parades throughout the state as a welfare project. This was our principle means of support for the ward. In April of 1964 I was called by President Wayne B. Hales of the Brigham Young University 1st Stake to serve on the High Council of that stake. In May of 1965, President Hales was called to preside over the newly organized B.Y.U. Young Married Couple Stake, of which I have served as a High Counselman until the present time.
    I have always been interested in young people. Scouting has been a special interest. Along with my two sons, Glen and Kent, I received the Eagle Scout Award. We were recognized as an Eagle Scout Family. Afterward, I earned seven Scout Palms beyond the Eagle Award and was given the Provo Peak Scouters recognition. May 18th 1958 I was awarded the Master M Men Award.
    I am grateful for the many opportunities I have had to serve, for the greatest joy of all comes through service.



    Faye Erva Van Wagenen Christensen is the fifth child of George Christopher and Katie Matilda Stark Van Wagenen and the wife of N. LaVerl Christensen of 156 North Third West, Provo, Utah.
    She was born February 1, 1911 at the family home at 164 North Third West, just next door north of her present residence. A graduate of Provo High School, she attended Brigham Young University. She received her bachelor of arts degree with a major in English.
    On May 5, 1938, Faye married Mr. Christensen in the Salt Lake Temple. They had met at Brigham Young University, from which he also graduated.
    Active in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, Faye taught and served as organist for many years in the Junior Sunday School in the Provo Fourth Ward. She served in the Presidencies of the Primary and the YMMIA; was secretary and organist in the Relief Society; and currently is Relief Society chorister and president of the Fourth Ward Choir.
    Talented in Music, she and her two daughters, Carol Jean and Linda Kaye, form a family string trio which performs frequently at church and civic functions. Carol Jean (Now Mrs. Douglas A. Doxey) is a violinist; Linda plays the cello.
    Carol Jean and Linda, Faye’s only living children, have been prominent in school activities besides distinguishing themselves in music. Linda was widely known at age 8 when she won the Utah State hula hoop championship and an expense-paid airplane trip to Disneyland for the whole family.
    Faye spends much of her time assisting her husband, who is bishop of the Provo Fourth Ward, editor of The Daily Herald, and a director of the Provo Chamber of Commerce.



    I was born last of six children to George Christopher Van Wagenen and Katie Matilda Stark. My father’s home was in Midway, Utah. He was the son of David Van Wagenen and Julia Ann Provost. My mother lived in Payson, Utah. She was the daughter of Daniel Stark and Elizabeth Baldwin. Mother and Father met in Provo, Utah, were married in the Salt Lake Temple, and eventually made their home in Provo. My parents had three sons: Glen George, Clyde LaVar, and Verl Eldon. They also had three daughters: Fern LaPriel, Faye Erva, and myself.
    I was born in Provo, Utah February 5, 1917. My education was obtained at the Timpanogas Elementary. (While attending the B.Y.U., I was employed part time as a bookkeeper and stenographer at Dixon Taylor Russel Co.)
    After graduating from the B.Y.U., I moved to Salt Lake City, Utah, where I was employed by the First National Bank and later the Utah State Department of Employment. While in Salt Lake I was privileged to fill a Stake Mission in the Ensign Stake of Zion. In September of 1944, I was called to serve a full-time mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints in Western Canada. I labored in Edoton, Alberta from September 27, 1944 until July of 1945 and in Calgary, Alberta from July of 1945 until I was released from my mission December 20. 1945.
    After arriving home from my mission, I was employed by Dr. Wesley P. Lloyd, Dean of Students at Brigham Young University, for a year and a half. Then I returned to Salt Lake City and was employed by the Deseret Sunday School Offices, by the Utah State Department of Education, and by the L.D.S. Church Offices. Between July and November of 1948 I filled another Stake mission in the Ensign Stake.
    July 25, 1948 my father, George Christopher Van Wagenen, passed away. He was the first death in our immediate family since my eldest brother, Glen, passed away in August of 1926.
    August 17, 1948 I met Warren Bingham Wilson of Logan, Utah. During the next month we saw each other often and became engaged September 17th, the day Warren returned to Iowa City, Iowa to continue his graduate work at the University of Iowa. December 20th Warren returned to Utah for the Christmas Holidays; and December 22nd we were married in the Salt Lake Temple by President David O. McKay then Counselor to President George Albert Smith. The last part of December Warren and I left for Iowa City.
    After completing his M.F.A. Degree at the Univeristy of Iowa, we returned to Utah and settled in Logan, where Warren taught at the then Utah State Agricultural College for five years.
    In September of 1954 Warren and I moved our little family, then consisting of Vaughn, Michael, Annette, and Pauline, to Provo, Utah where Warren accepted a position in the Art Department at the Brigham Young University.
    Our stay in Provo has been saddened by the passing of my mother, Katie Matilda Stark Van Wagenen in Provo on May 9th, 1961.
    Since coming to Provo, we have been blessed with three additonal sons; Douglas, Craig and Robert. Our family now consists of the following:


Vaughn Warren Wilson 3 Sept 1949 Logan, Utah
Michael Alma Wilson 7 Nov 1950 Logan, Utah
Annette Wilson 14 Feb 1952 Logan, Utah
Douglas George Wilson 29 June 1955 Provo, Utah
Craig Aaron Wilson 2 Nov 1957 Provo, Utah
Robert Kevin Wilson 25 Feb 1961 Provo, Utah
Pauline Wilson 4 Dec 1953 Logan, Utah

My life has been greatly enriched by the opportunities I have had of serving in the Church. I have taught Sunday School and have been a Sunday School Secretary; I have taught Mutual and have acted as Activity Counselor in the Mutual Presidency; I have been a Secretary to the Stake Patriarch; and I am now teaching Primary and am a Relief Society Visiting Teacher.



    I was born August 1, 1915 to Earl and Fern Van Wagenen Ferguson. Baptized September 16, 1923. We made our home in Provo, Utah. I was very fortunate to have a wonderful grandmother and grandfather, George and Katie Van Wagenen and spent much of my childhood with them as my parents worked every day. I had no sisters and only one brother, Boyd, so enjoyed my association with my Aunts Fay and Donna and Uncles Glen, Clyde and Verl. I attended Elementary School at the Timpanogos School and Junior and Senior High at Provo High School. I graduated form Provo High School in May of 1933. I married Blake Palfreyman, son of Blake Dole and Louisa Metcalf Palfreyman, Sept, 15, 1933. We had one son Max, born Sept. 8, 1934. Blake and his father were in the Construction business and we spent our summers building roads, made our home in Provo, however. Blake died as the result of an automobile accident in December of 1935. After his death I attended school at B.Y.U. taking a few business classes. While attending school I met my present husband, Mark J. Scott. His father and mother were George C. and Josephine Jacobsen Scott. Mark graduated from the B.Y.U. in June of 1937 and we were married on Sept. 16 of 1937. Mark has been employed by United States Steel since his graduation. We have made our home in Lakeview and have operated the Scott family farm since our marriage. We have two children. Sandra, born July 26, 1939 and Richard Mark born March 8, 1943. For the most part, I have spent my time just being a mother and homemaker for my family. I work with the Pink Lady Auxiliary at the Utah Valley Hospital as a volunteer in the Emergency Room. At the present time I am a Board Member of the Auxiliary and am serving as Secretary of this organization. I enjoy cooking, love to play bridge and spend as much as I possibly can at the canyon home my mother recently purchased.
    I have been a teacher for several years in the Sunday School and Primary.


    I was born October 28, 1923 to William Earl Ferguson and Fern LaPriele Van Wagenen Ferguson, and was baptized December 2, 1923. We made our home in Provo, Utah. I did not have any brothers and only one sister Elva.
    The first school I attended was the Parker Elementary and went there for the first five grades. Later I was transferred to the Timpanogos Elementary for the 6th grade. The next year I attended the Dixon Junior High and later entered the Provo high where I graduated in 1942. In the fall I started to the Brigham Young University but November 9th 1942 I joined the U.S. Navy. I was released from the Navy after World War II and returned to the BrighamYoung University. I also attended one year at the University of Illinois.
    I married Elaine Malstrom from Murray January 10, 1951. We have seven children as follows:

Janet, born 7 Jan. 1953 @ Oakland, Calif.
Craig, born 2 June 1954 @ Oakland, Calif.
Diane, born 29 May 1956 @ SLC, Utah
Robert, born 2 Oct 1958 @ Napa, Calif.
Sharon, born 9 July 1960 @ Napa, Calif.
Linda, born 7 Mar 1962 @ Napa, Calif.
Julie, born 29 July 1965 @ San Jose, Calif.

    My special appointment in the church were Ward Clerk, Assistant Ward Clerk, Age Group Counselor, First Counselor, Elder’s Quorum, Ward Genealogical Chairman, Deacon Quorum Advisor, Stake Missionary at Napa, and I am holding that job at the present time at Pebble Beach.
    I was working with Household Finance when I got married and was promoted to Assistant Manager at the large office in Oakland. From 1955 to 1957 I worked at Zion’s Bank in Salt Lake City and lived in the South 2nd Ward. I held the office of Assistant Ward Clerk (Statistical) and was, at another date in the same Ward, the First Counselor in the Elder’s Quorum. It was while I was in this job at Zions Bank, Crocker Citizens Bank offered me a better position in California and that is why we moved down there. I am Office manager of the Crocker Citizens Bank at Pacific Grove, California and lived at Pebble Beach, California.



    Max Blake Palfreyman was born September 8, 1934 in Provo, Utah. He is the son of Blake Palfreyman and Elva Fern Ferguson Palfreyman. Max was baptized a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints on January 10, 1943. Max attended school in Provo and Orem. He graduated from Lincoln High School in Orem, Utah in 1951. He married Helen Kay Bunnell, daughter of Karl and Helen Webster Bunnel on December 31, 1951. Max served with the United States Navy from 1951-1955. Max and Kay were divorced in 1958, they had three children, Mark, Terri, and Steven.
    Max married Juanita Madsen, daughter of Tony and Gladys Filmore Madsen, in January 1959. They have three children—Lynn a daughter, and two sons Richard and Melvin. Max is living in Provo at the present time and is employed as a machinist.



    Sandra Lou Scott Evans attended school in Orem and graduated from Orem High School in 1957. She attended B.Y.U. for two years. In 1960 Sandra started to work as a stewardess for United Airlines. She made her home in San Francisco while working as a stewardess and met her husband while there. Sandra married David Evans, a son of John and Evelyn Evans in 1962. The Evans’ are from New Lexington, Ohio. David is a graduate of Ohio University and received his commission as Lieutenant from O.C.S. from Newport, R.I. David served three years with the Navy and since their marriage has been employed by Kaizer Aluminum Co. Sandra and Dave have two daughters, Sherri and Stacy. They are making their home in Columbia Maryland where Dave is District manager for Kaizer. Sandra was baptized a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints on September 28, 1947.



    Richard Mark Scott was born in Provo, Utah, on March 8, 1943. He is the son of Mark J. Scott and Elva Fern Fertuson Scott. Richard was baptized February 24, 1952. Richard attended school in Orem and graduated from Orem High School in 1961. Richard attended school at B.Y.U. one year before receiving his call to serve a mission in Western Canada. After serving two years in the Western Canadian Mission, Richard came home and again attended school at B.Y.U. Richard graduated from B.Y.U. in January of 1968. Richard is attending O.C.S. in the United States Army at this time. He plans to be commissioned in November of this year—1968. Richard plans to be married upon completion of his O.C.S. school and plans to be married in the Salt Lake Temple November 26, 1968. His bride-to-be is Georgia McNeese, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. George E. McNeese from Pleasant Grove, Utah.



    Miriam Van Wagenen, a charming daughter of Clyde LaVar Van Wagenen and Genevieve Johnson Van Wagenen was the first of six children born to this happy union. Miriam was born May 30, 1929, in Price, Carbon County, Utah. Her birthday has always plagued her as Decoration day is not the most conducive day for celebration.
    Miriam’s schooling commenced at Oquirrh Elementary School in Salt Lake City. Except for one year in Ogden, where she attended the Quincy Elementary School, Miriam’s education has been gained in the Salt Lake City Schools, at East High School and the University of Utah. While attending East high School, she won several speech contests. She won over state wide competition. At the "U" in 1950 and 1951 she played concert piano with the University of Utah Concert Band.
    Miriam was baptized a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints on October 9, 1937 in the Logan Temple.
    Miriam had two favorite pastimes as a child—playing the piano and roller skating. She was expert at both. Her love of music has been a blessing to many people. Miriam could easily have been a concert pianist, instead, however, she chose marriage and a family.
    On July 18, 1951, Miriam married Dr. Karl J. Hawkins, Jr. in the Salt Lake Temple. They have six lovely children: Cosette, Yvonne, Francine, Sherri, Dwight C. and Van J. Hawkins. This is a very musical family. Miriam has taught her children to play the piano. One plays the violin and two the flute. They all sing. The four girls formed the famous "Hawkins Sisters" quartet. They were accompanied on the piano by their beautiful mother. They were in great demand, filling engagements throughout the state. They sang for many a Sacrament meeting, ward banquet, Relief Society meeting, family reunions and funerals. They performed in the Tabernacle for a Primary General Conference; at special functions at the University of Utah; appeared on T.V. etc. Their tender years mixed with their sweet voices and charm, made them a never to be forgotten group.
    Miriam’s talent and service in the church has been enjoyed by all. Her sweet music has delighted the hearts of worshipers for years as she plays the organ and piano. She has served as organist in every auxiliary organization of the Church. She is an expert accompanist and is in great demand.
    Miriam’s life has been miraculously spared on several occasions. She has witnessed the great power of the Priesthood and has a strong testimony of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
    In 1967 Miriam returned to the University of Utah to finish her college education and receive her degree. Last quarter she took twenty-three hours and received straight "A". At the same time she managed her home and family. Miriam will graduate in August 1968 with a major in history and two minors—one in speech, the other in music. Our hats are off to such a lovely, talented young woman.



    I, Alfred Clyde Van Wagenen, was the second of six children born to Clyde Lavar Van Wagenen and Geneveve Johnson Van Wagenen. I was born in Ogden, Weber County, Utah, on October 16, 1931. My father was a Manager of the Mountain States Telephone and Telegraph company and we were transferred to various localities in my early years. My schooling began at the Oquirrh Elementary School in Salt Lake City. In 1940, my father was transferred to Ogden, Utah and I attended the fourth grade at the Quincy Elementary School.
    In August, 1941, my father was transferred to Salt Lake City. We moved to 1569 East Parkway Avenue, I resided with my parents and brothers and sisters at that address until I went on my mission and later until I got married.
    I attended Highland Park Elementary School, Irving Junior High School and East High School, in Salt Lake. I graduated from Seminary in 1948. After graduating from East High School in 1949, I attended the University of Utah. I went there for four quarters prior to going on a mission to the Eastern States for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. I belonged to the Marching Band of the University. It was rated as one of the top three marching bands in the country at that time. We took many enjoyable trips. I played the trumpet. My sister Miriam, an excellent pianist wanted to be in on the fun so she played the cymbols in the marching band.
    The first job I ever had where I earned money was as a caddy at the Salt Lake Country Club. Here I had the opportunity to meet a lot of very influential people. I also learned to really like the game of golf.
    Next I was employed to work for Mr. And Mrs. Julian Bamberger. I was the gardener, chauffeur, (on occasion) and their all-around good worker. For approximately two years preceding my mission, I worked as a shoe salesman at Baker’s shoes in Salt Lake City.
    I was called on my mission to the Eastern States from January 1951 to January 1953. I had many marvelous experiences during this period of time and my testimony of the gospel grew and increased tremendously. I spent practically all of my time in Baltimore, Maryland, and in the suburbs of Washington,D.C. We also had the opportunity of participating each year in the Pageant at Palmyra, New York.
    Upon my return from my mission, I commenced once again to attend the University of Utah. I took various classes at the Institute and participated in the Church Fraternities of Lamba Delta Sigma and Delta Phi. It was at the University of Utah at the institute of Religion that I met LuRee Tolman. LuRee and I became engaged on December 25, 1954. We were married in the Salt Lake Temple on September 1, 1955.
    Both LuRee and I continued our education and in June of 1956, we graduated from the University of Utah. LuRee graduated in Education and I in Business Management. I commenced Law School at the University of Utah in 1955. I continued on and graduated with an L.L.B. Degree from the University of Utah Law School in June 1958. I took the Utah State Bar Examination in September of 1958 and was admitted to the Utah State Bar as a member in November 1958.
    I worked as a process server for the Salt lake City Court, to maintain my new family and pay for my schooling as a lawyer.
    I had also graduated from the Air Force R.O.T.C. Program in June of 1956, and my call to active duty had been extended until such time as I finished Law School. I was called to active duty in the United States Air Force on October 28, 1958. I served for a period of three years until October 28, 1961. I was assigned as Assistant Staff Judge Advocate at Nellis Air Force Base, Las Vegas, Nevada. I attended a government contract school and had the responsibility of reviewing many of the contracts at Nellis Air Force Base. I was assigned many and varied responsibilities and enjoyed tremendous experiences in the field of law which have continued to benefit me. My experiences in the Air Force were very much worthwhile.
    Upon my release from active duty I was appointed the City Judge of Clearfield City. Clearfield City had never had a City judge before so I had the opportunity and responsibility of organizing the City Court and becoming its first Judge. I served as the Clearfield City judge for nearly two years and put this experience on the bench as a truly valuable one.
    In May, 1963, I had the opportunity of going to work for J. Duffy Palmer and Milton J. Hess, Attorneys at law, practicing at 40 South 125 East, Clearfield, Utah. In January, 1965, I became partners with them and the firm became know as Hess, Palmer & Van Wagenen. At the time of this writing we are still partners engaged in the general practice of Law. I have grown to love and respect my two partners. They are both kind, considerate, honest forthright, and excellent attorneys.
    I am a member of the Davis County, Utah, and American Bar Associations I have served as President of the Davis County Bar Association.
    I have always been blessed with the companionship of wonderful people. I love and respect my parents and thank my Father in Heaven that I was able to come into their home. They always strived to serve the Lord and taught their children to do the same. I am sure that if I am ever able to endure to the end, it will be as a result of the fine training I received in the beginning of this mortal existence. My wife is as sweet and loving as any person could be. I am most grateful for her and thankful that we were able to meet, fall in love, and to be married for time and all eternity.
    We have been blessed with four sweet children: Cheryl, Steven, Paul and Ruth.
    I was baptized a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, on November 4, 1939 and confirmed November 5, 1939.
    I served in the presidency of the Deacons’, Teachers’ and Elders’ Quorums. I was Secretary of the Priests’ Quorum.
    I was the Stake Financial Clerk in the Las Vegas North Stake and upon moving to Clearfield, I was the M Men Leader for the Stake for a little over a year. I then served as the Young Mens Mutual Inprovement Association Stake Superintendent for three years. In June, 1966, I was sustained a member of the Clearfield Stake High Council and I presently served in that capacity.
    My wife LuRee is currently serving as the President of the Clearfield Third Ward Relief Society. We have a firm Testimony of the Gospel and strive diligently to serve the Lord.



    I, Richard Glen Van Wagenen was born June 1, 1937, in Salt lake City, Utah in the Latter-Day Saint Hospital. I was the third child born to Clyde Lavar and Genevieve Johnson Van Wagenen. My sister Miriam and Brother Alfred greeted me into this world. I later greeted Michael, Robert and Shauna. I really appreciate my family and my heritage.
    We lived in Salt Lake, then moved to Ogden and Logan, Utah. While in Ogden, I received the first of many accidents I would receive during my life. I was hit in the head with a baseball bat by a neighbor boy and the accident nearly cost me my life, but through the power of the priesthood I was spared. This incident happened when I was only four years old. Later we moved back to Salt lake City and moved into the home at 1569 Parkway Avenue, in the Highland Park Area. I attended the Park Avenue Ward. My father was the bishop. I was baptized a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, on June 30, 1945, when I was eight years old.
    I attended school in Highland Park Elementary School. I had a lot of Friends and played in many sports. I began to play the trumpet in school.
    I became a Deacon at twelve and later went on into other callings and activities.
    I went to Irving Junior High School and played in the band having many good experiences. In scouting, I received my Eagle Award and later received my "Duty to God" and "Aaronic Priesthood Awards". I next attended South High School being active in the band and in the Acappala choir which toured the state.
    I attended the University of Utah after graduating from South High School. I completed one year at the "U" and then worked a year preparing for my mission. I was called on a mission for The Church of Jesus Christ, to the Northern States Mission, in 1957. My mission was one of the highlights of my life. I had many great experiences and blessings. I was released from my mission after serving two years and returned home. I was only home for two weeks, when I found myself serving Uncle Sam in the United States Army at Fort Ord, California. After basic training I was able to go directly into the engineering section because of my previous training, and past experience. This allowed me to travel to different sections of California. I was privileged to go to the Los Angeles Temple on excursions with other L.D.S. servicemen, this I enjoyed very much. While in California I also toured many other spots of interest. I like California very much especially Monterrey and Carmel by the Beach. I spent six months with the army atFort Ord. I completed my term of duty to my country during the next eight years, serving in the Utah National Guard.
    I returned again to the University of Utah to continue my education. While at the Institute of Religion, I met my wife, Glenda Ann Reid. Glenda Ann is the daughter of Philip Calvin Reid and Glenda Morris Reid. We were happily married on June 27, 1963 in the Salt Lake Temple by Elder LeGrand Richards.
    On April 24, 1964, a beautiful little daughter, Julie Van Wagenen was born to us in the L.D.S. Hospital. On June 1, 1964, I graduated from the University of Utah. After graduation I started work in life insurance and later combined that with real estate work. On January 29, 1966, a precious little son Jeffery Alan Van Wagenen was born into our home. On August 6, 1968 another lovely little daughter, Jeanene Van Wagenen was born to bless our home.
    I love the Gospel and am a missionary at heart. On January 14, 1968 I was called to serve a Stake Mission for the East Midvale Stake. On June 16, 1968 I was made First Counselor in east Midvale Mission Stake presidency.
    On December 6, 1966, I was ordained a Seventy by S. Dilworth Young. I am now one of the Seven Presidents of Seventy’s of the 302 Quorum of Seventy’s. September 8, 1968 I became Mission President of East Midvale Stake. With all these church assignments I will be more than a little busy, but I love the work.



    Michael John Van Wagenen was born on August 15, 1944 in Salt Lake City. Michael is the son of Clyde L. Van Wagenen and Genevieve Johnson Van Wagenen. He attended Highland Park Elementary, Highland High School and Brigham Young University. Michael was an Honor student at B.Y.U.
    Michael’s favorite recreation is swimming, fishing and golf. Michael comes from a very musical family and he is talented with the trumpet. His hobbies are swimming, fishing, golf, tennis and gardening.
    Michael was baptized a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, on September 6, 1952. He is a member of a singing group—"Sounds of Freedom". He has preformed in New York, California and at the Hemisfair in Texas.
    Michael graduated from Primary August 5, 1956, Aaronic Priesthood Individual Award – 1956, 1957, 1958 and 1959 – Duty to God Award – September 29, 1960, Missionary – North British Mission September 1963 to November 1965. Graduated from Seminary May 24, 1962. Received Eagle Scout Award February 18, 1963. President Elders Quorum Brigham Young University 1967 and 1968. Blessed October 1, 1944. Baptized September 6, 1952. Confirmed September 7, 1952. Deacon August 5, 1956, Teacher August 17, 1958, Priest September 1960. Elder September 22, 1963. Endowed November 1963 on the 14th day.



    Robert Alan Van Wagenen was born on 24th day of October 1946 at Salt Lake City, Utah to Clyde L. Van Wagenen and Genevieve Johnson Van Wagenen. Attended Highland Park Elementary School, Irving Junior High School, Highland High School, University of Utah, Brigham Young University. Like the rest of his family he is very talented with the musical instruments, especially the trumpet. Robert’s recreation and hobbies are swimming, fishing, golf, and tennis.
    Robert is a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. He is a student of Brigham Young University. The following is some information for Robert’s posterity:

Blessed 5 January 1947
Baptized 27 October 1954
Confirmed 28 November 1954
School Safety Award 1958 & 1959
Deacon 5 October 1958
Graduated from Primary 5 October 1958
Teacher 6 November 1960
Priest 11 November 1962
Eagle Scout Award 17 September 1965
Graduated Highland High School June 1965
Graduated Seminary 21 May 1964
Elder 7 November 1965
"Duty to God Award: 21 September 1965
Missionary – North British Mission January 1966 to January 1968
Endowed @ SL Temple 3 January 1966



    Shauna Van Wagenen, the second daughter and six child of Clyde L. Van Wagenen and Genevieve Johnson Van Wagenen, was born 30 June 1949 at Salt Lake City, Utah. Attended Highland Park Elementary, Irving Junior High School, Highland High School, Utah State University and at present is a student at Brigham Young University.
    Shauna is a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. She was baptized on March 20, 1958. Information for Shauna’s posterity: Blessed September 4, 1949. Confirmed 30 March 1958. Won the Highland Stake Speech contest for the year 1962, Graduated from Primary August 27, 1961. Certificate of Merit at Irving Junior High School January 22, 1962. Leading part in the road show. Shauna Taught Primary in the East Stratford Ward, Individual Achievement Award 1961, 1962, 1963 and 1964. One of the leading parts in the Highland High School Plays "The Music Man" and "Oliver". Graduated from Seminary 26 May 1966, Sung in Highland High A Cappella.
    Favorite recreation is dancing, singing, reading. Hobbies: sewing, speech, and art. Shauna is talented at the piano and like the other members of her family she enjoys music.



    The Van Wagenen family tree added a new leaf that Sunday, November 15, 1942 when I was born in Provo, Utah. The daughter of Niels LaVerl and Faye Erva Van Wagenen Christensen, and no one could be more happy to belong to such a fine family. When I was eight, December 31, 1950, I was baptized and January 7, 1951 I was confirmed a member of the L.D.S. Church.
    We have always been a very close family and from the time I was very small I remember the fun family get-togethers we had at Grandpa and Grandma Van Wagenen’s where each of my mother’s brothers and sisters and their families would come to celebrate Thanksgiving and Christmas. What fun we had! Even today we celebrate birthdays and other special events together.
    As a child I attended Timpanogos Elementary and Dixon Junior High School. I graduated from Provo High School with two scholarships to attend Brigham Young University.
    At B.Y.U. I majored in clothing and textiles and minored in music. I was a member of the International Folk Dancers and I played my violin in a string quartet, a family trio (with my Mother and sister Linda), and the B.Y.U. Symphony Orchestra.
    I met Douglas Allen a handsome returned missionary, at a Christmas party in 1962. We had lived eight blocks apart for fourteen years and never met until this party. We were married July 19, 1963 in the Salt Lake Temple with Pres. Joseph Fielding Smith presiding. Our reception followed the next evening at the Smith Family Living Center on the B.Y.U. campus.
    Doug was born in Washington, D.C. on March 6, 1940 to Roy Watkins and Alberta Opeikens Doxey. He lived in the East all his boyhood as his father was Mission President of the Eastern States Mission. Doug was baptized and confirmed in and by the Susquehanna River, Harmony, Pennsylvania, on June 25, 1948. He filled a mission for the Church in the Southern States and Florida from March 1960-1962.
    After our marriage, we moved to American Fork, Utah, where Doug was the Executive Secretary of the American Fork Chamber of Commerce. As this was only part-time employment, we both continued our education at B.Y.U.
    On Halloween, October 31, 1964 our first child was born, a beautiful daughter Cherilyn. My are we proud of her! When she was eight months old Cherilyn and I joined Doug in daily trips to Provo—Cheri went to Grandma Christensen’s for a half day and we went to school.
    Doug finished his work and graduated with a major in Youth Leadership in January 1966 and left for the Schiff Scout Reservation in New Jersey for some post-graduate training. I stayed in Provo to finish classes toward my graduation in August 1966.
    We moved to our present home at 2808 Delsa Drive in Salt Lake City in April 1966 to accept a position with the Great Salt lake Council, Boy Scouts of America. Doug is a District Scout Executive. At the present time I teach private violin lessons and two orchestra classes in the Murray School District.
    Our son, David Evan was born March 7, 1967 and we are thrilled to be the parents of our two lovely children.
    We love to do things together as a family. We treasure our testimonies of the Gospel and like activity in the Church. We enjoy hobbies which include skiing, golfing, and traveling. Most of all we appreciate the wonderful parents we have and the family heritage they’ve given to us.

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