Alma was born 21 Oct. 1872 in Midway, Wasatch County, Utah to David and Julia Ann Provost Van Wagenen. He married Birdie Ethel Gray on 18 Oct. 1899 in the Salt lake Temple. He attended Wasatch County Schools and graduated from the Wasatch Stake Academy.
    Mr. Van Wagenen moved to Provo in 1898 after working in Salt Lake City for three years for the Studebaker Company as a traveling auditor. He had a talent for figures and was very accurate in his work. He opened up his own carriage business at the time he arrived in town. He sold carriages for many years and in 1907 he had the first automobile agency South of Salt Lake City and sold Buick Automobiles and harnesses. He was quite successful in his own business and in 1914 he started to build his new home at 415 East Center Street. It was completed in 1917 and he moved in with his family from 257 N. 100 E., a home that he had built for his new bride.
    In 1921 he retired from the Automobile business and entered the finance business for loans on farms and homes. In 1928 and 29 he served as Mayor of Provo, at which time he made many civic improvements. New baseball stands and the golf course were activated. He was a director of the Farmers and Merchants Bank. For many years he operated the Van Wagenen Orchards with about 100 acres of farmland, mostly in fruit trees. He also owned and operated an early stage line in the Uinta Basin.
    As a young man he was outstanding as a baseball player, a cyclist and a musician. His family band played to many of the dances in the Heber Valley. He played the piano which was mostly cording to the fiddle and drum. At the same time he managed the Midway Co-op for his father for a few years.
    As the years went by he tried to liquidate his farm holdings and made more loans. In 1938 he and his son Frank Organized the Van Wagenen Investment Co., Inc. for the purpose of getting into the small loan business. When Frank went into the service in 1944 he went out of the loan business as soon as he could. During this time he converted all of his available cash into American Telephone Stock which proved to be a very wise investment. He was always proud of his home and it has been somewhat of a monument to him and his wife.
    His health started to fail him in about 1955 and when he could no longer drive his car he aged rapidly. He passed away at his home on 17 Dec 1958 from causes incident to age.
    Mr. Van Wagenen came from a family of twelve. He was the youngest boy. At an early age he determined to make a success of his life. He worked hard, saved his money and endured the struggle against poverty of the time and educated himself as best he could. He was tall and thin all of his life and carried himself erect and was aristocratic in appearance.
    He was the father of eight children, six sons and two daughters, six of whom survived him. Stanley, Clifton, LeGrand, Loree, Harold, Frank, Dean and Irene. He and his wife were always active in the Democratic Party. They both loved to dance and belong to a dancing club for many years. They traveled extensively throughout the country. He was an active member of the Rotary Club, the Timpanogos Knife and Fork Club, and the Chamber of Commerce.



    Clifton Gray Van Wagenen was born on 8th Mar. 1903 at Provo, Utah County, Utah to Alma Van Wagenen and Birdie Ethel Gray. He attended Maeser "Provo" Provo High, B.Y.U., Automotive Machanic in Los Angeles, Electric and Acetylene-Vocational School in Provo.
    Cliftons favorite recreation was camping and making friends was his talent. Cats were his hobby.
    Clifton was baptized into the LDS Church on the 21 of May 1911. At present he is an Elder. Married 6 Mar. 1930 at the Salt Lake Temple to Donna Anna Johnson. Clifton’s business activities were Fruit Farmer and Fireman on the train.
    Other information that would be of interest to your posterity: Clifton was very active in Home Teaching in the Edgement Ward. Clifton worked in the Edgement Ward under six Bishops. The tragedy of Clifton’s life was he had six children die before one would live. He worked for his dad on the family orchard and for the U.S. (Geneva) Steel after the orchard was sold. Clifton loved people and tried to live the principles of the gospel every day. Clifton died on 10 March 1965.



    Ethel Loree Van Wagenen was born 17 Nov. 1906 at Provo, Utah County, Utah to Alma Van Wagenen and Birdie Gray. Attended Parker Grade School, Maeser, Provo High, B.Y.U. and University of Utah. Graduated from B.Y.U. in 1931. Scholastic Achievements: 1 year U of U; 3 years at BYU. Graduated with a B.H. Degree. Ballroom dancing was Ethel’s favorite recreation.
    Ethel was baptized on 28 March 1915 into the LDS Church. She was a Teacher in Sunday School, Primary, Secretary in Primary, Secretary in Relief Society. On the 7 of June 1933 Ethel was married in the Salt Lake Temple to Mark Clain Lloyd. Civic Activities were Literary Club, Legislative Council. She was known better by her second name Loree.
    Ethel had six brothers and one sister. They all remained in Provo and Ethel came to Salt Lake after her marriage and has remained here.



    Frank Alton Van Wagenen was born in Provo, Utah Dec. 24, 1911… and has been a life time resident of this city. Attended B.Y.U. and graduated in business. His main sports activities included tennis, swimming, hiking and golf. His hobbies included drawing Coat of Arms and old English printing and genealogy research. He was an eagle scout, a Red Cross swimming instructor and a Scout Leader. He fulfilled a mission to the Eastern States. Held many church positions, including Bishop and member of the Provo Stake Presidency. He was a Lieutenant in the U.S. N.R. and served as a Gunnery Officer in the South Pacific Area during World War II. He was an organizer of investments business and KIXX Radio Station. He was a Licensed Radio Engineer. He married Phyllis Barker of North Ogden and they had seven children.



    Lola Jean Van Wagenen was born 19 Dec. 1938 at Provo, Utah to Frank Alton Van Wagenen and Phyllis Barker. Attended Maeser Elementary School, Farrer Junior High, Provo High School, BYU, and College in Hawaii. Lola received a Scholarship to B.Y.U.
    Her sports activities include boating, skiing and traveling. Vocal group singing were some of her talents. Arts, reading and acting were her hobbies.
    Lola was LDS and baptized in 1946. On the 12th of September 1958 Lola was married in Provo, Utah to Charles Robert Redford, Jr. She migrated from Provo to Los Angeles, to New York and back to Provo where she is now a resident.
    Other information that would be of interest to your posterity: While doing summer work in Los Angeles she met Robert Redford an employee of Standard Oil C. They were married a year later in Provo and moved to N.Y. City. She worked and he went to American Academy of Dramatic Art. After graduation he had roles on Broadway Plays, television and Movies. He starred with Natalie Wood in two Movies. Jane Fonda in two, including "Barefoot in the Park on the stage and the movie and now has many offers to star in movies. Lola is her husband’s business manager. He starred as the Sundance Kid later.



    Richard Alma Van Wagenen, son of Frank Alton Van Wagenen and Phyllis Barker, was born 8 July 1940 at Provo, Utah. He attended Maeser Elementary, Provo High School, Brigham Young University and Harvard Business School. Master of Business administration at Harvard was his Scholastic Achievement. Golf, hunting and fishing are his favorite recreations. Richard is talented at the piano. Richard went on a mission for the LD Church to the N. W. States.
    On August 8, 1963 Richard was married at the Salt Lake Temple to Sherry Alvord. His business activities: Ford Motor Co. and First National Bank of New York. Migrated from Los Angeles for Touche Ross, Bailey and Smart..Auditing Firm.
    Other information that would be of interest to your posterity: Active in Church as a Boy Scout and leader-attained the rank of Eagle and earned his "Duty to God" award. Joined the Springville National Guard unit. While at Harvard was offered many lucrative positions all over the country. He was vice president of the Provo High School Student Body and a representative to "Boy State". He has a B.S., and M.B.A. and C.P.A.



    Gary Barker Van Wagenen, son of Frank Alton Van Wagenen and Plyllis Barker, was born on the 7th of March 1948 at Provo, Utah. He attended Weber College and B.Y.U. Also Provo High School. His scholastic achievements were Machanical Engineering Major. Sports Cars are his favorite recreation. He is talented in mechanics and hunting is his hobby.
    Gary was baptized in 1951 in the LDS Church. At Orem, Utah Gary married Karen Bristow. Upholstering is his business while in school. Other information that would be of interest to your posterity: He had an early interest in cars and motors. Joined the National Guard at Springville a construction and repair unit. He earned his Eagle Badge in Scouting and "Duty to God" award in church.



    Harold Earl Van Wagenen was the son of Alma Van Wagenen. He graduated from the Provo High School and B.Y.U. and filled a Mission for the Church in Germany. In school he earned his letter as a swimmer and a diver. He was a yell leader at the B.Y.U. After graduation he was an officer manager at Utah Power and Light Company and later was an accounting supervisor at the Geneva Steel Company. He also was an organizer and operator of KIXX Radio Station. Under the Charter form of the City Government he was the first Mayor and was an appointed by the Governor to the Utah State Board of Correction and served for eight years. As a young man he was an active Boy Scout. Later he was active in the Junior Chamber and Chamber of Commerce and the Provo Rotary Club and the Riverside Country Club. He was a licensed radio engineer. He still speaks German fluently. He married Ruth Salisbury, a former Miss Salt Lake City and they have two daughters, Sharee and Vicki. Sharee married Peter Vistaunet and Vicki married William Walker.



Dean Eugene Van Wagenen was born 8 May 1914 at Provo, Utah to Alma Van Wagenen and Birdie Ethel Gray. Attended Maeser School, Provo High School, University of Business, B.Y.U. one year Graduate study at B.Y.U.
May 15, 1939 at the Salt lake Temple Dean married Belle De Jong. Business activities: owner-operator: Van Wagenen Finance Co.-Provo. Migrated from Provo to Timpanogos. Director Timpanogos Kiwanis Club, Provo, Utah. Other information that would be of interest to your posterity:
1-Mission Eastern States 1934-36. (District President Albany District Participated in First Cumorah Area Pageant and Missionary Drive)
2-Senior President of 45th Quorum 70’s. Director to Bookstore. His Quorum has supported more missionaries than any in church in one year supported as many as 28 missionaries.
3-First Master M Man in Provo – (Was Earned)
4-Stake Mission President – 6 years. One year Mission Stake had Highest convert – Per-missionary recorded in church.



    Irene Van Wagenen Freestone was the daughter of Alma Van Wagenen and was born March 18, 1918. She graduated from Provo High School and attended B.Y.U. and was a member of O.S. Trovata Social Unit. She married Albert Freestone from Mesa, Arizona where they lived for a time, he worked for the J. C. Penney Company. They have lived in Provo for many years while he has been an executive in the Industrial Relations division of Geneva Steel Co. Irene has been and still is an excellent swimmer. She was the Secretary of the Relief Society for many years. She and Albert have both been active in promoting junior league baseball. Both are artistic and their home was featured in an issue of Homes and Gardens and she is a talented organist. They have a daughter and a son, Marilyn and Larry. Marilyn married Herbert Carnesecca and Lawrance (Larry) married Ronaele Dastrup, after filling a mission to Australia.


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