George Lynn Bronson (son of George Clark and Lettie Van Wagenen Bronson) was born 11 July, 1893 in Midway, Utah. Here he attended grammar school grades, then went on to the Wasatch High School.
    He was married in the Salt Lake Temple on 8 December, 1915 to Ruby Elinor Watkins. To this union was born nine children with five daughters still living.
    As of this date, April 1968, there are eighteen grandchildren and fifteen great grandchildren.
    He spent eighteen years working as a fireman for the Denver Rio Grande Western Railroad.
    In 1933 he and his family moved to Vale, Oregon where (through his efforts) the Vale Branch of the L.D.S. Church was organized. He being made the presiding Elder and Sunday School Superintendant.
    At the present time it is a ward with over five hundred members.
    Since moving to Redmond, he has served twice as counselor in the Branch Presidency and Branch Presidency and twice as counselor in the Sunday School. He has been called many times (night and day) to the hospital to administer to the sick.
    He and his wife Ruby fulfilled a two-year mission under the Bend District of the North Western States Mission.
    All in all it has been a joy and a blessing to us.
    In 1965 we celebrated our golden wedding, and now we are enjoying the Golden years.



    Lettie Van Wagenen Bronson had a magnetic charm that constantly brought relatives and friends to our home. She loved company and, most of all, she was happy when she could cook a meal for a hungry visitor. This same spirit of helpfulness is still cherished most by her living sons, grandchildren, and those who remember her best. She shared graciously with those in need.
    She encouraged the weary traveler, the beginner in business, the dabbler in real estate, and the struggler in college trying to better himself. She had some business adventures of her own. She exemplified business talents (put into action by other members of her immediate family, namely, her Van Wagenen brothers, Alma, David, Edwin, George and John) when she operated a country general merchandise store.
    One of her sons remembers how he was encouraged to enter the real estate market while still a student in high school. He was praised for attainments in school, church, and business to the degree that her motherly advice, praise, and support were always strong, deliberate, and most satisfying.
    She gave birth to seven sons (no daughters). Later she seemed to get a special thrill in having granddaughters to buy lovely dresses for, to visit and help plan their lives toward career and marriage. What a thrill that first great grandchild was to this wonderful mother and grandmother for whom all had a special love, whom they all called "Ma".
    She was something special to her favorite niece, Bessie Van Wagenen Huffaker. They kept in touch regularly and her family and Lettie’s family were aware of each other’s families’ sicknesses, successes, and family upsets.
    To end this appraisal of a wonderful lady would not be complete without recalling her frequent trips to the homes of sisters, sons and grandchildren where she seemed to be in heaven. Their problems were her problems, and their successes her successes.
    Her sons were very active in Church activities-drama, musical performances, ward and stake leadership assignments—all of which were colored by her consistant praise and encouragement.
    Yes, Lettie Van Wagenen Bronson was an ambitious woman, endowed with good judgment, alert in business transactions, congenial, a good homemaker, a good cook, loved and respected by those who knew her; happy in the accomplishments of others, a good disciplinarian, but above all else, on who could revel in attainments and progress of others.
    Her attainments were meager moneywise, but her love for dance, music, and the arts seemed to fill her life with simple but satisfying love in a period devoid of TV and motion pictures.



    David Carl Bronson (son of George Clark Bronson & Lettie Van Wagenen Bronson) was born June 21, 1895 in Midway, Wasatch County, Utah.
    During his early years, he lived in Midway, Park City, & Provo, Utah where he received his education. His first occupations included mining and farming. After which he became a fireman for the Rio Grande Railroad, in June 1917. He continued with this company until his retirement in 1961, having served forty-four years. He worked 22 years as an engineer between Salt lake City & Helper, Utah. At the time of his retirement, he operated a Passenger Train (The California Zephyr) between these points.
    On June 23, 1920 he married Mary Jane Watkins in the Salt Lake Temple and began their married life in Garfield, Utah. Since that time they have lived in Soldier Summit, Springville, and Salt Lake City, Utah, where they reside at the present.
    To this marriage was born six children—five sons & one daughter. Grant George (a son), & Betty Jane (a daughter) died in infancy. The other four sons: Rex Carl, Boyd Henry, Hugh Edwin, & Ray Amos are living and were all married in the Salt Lake Temple. At the present time, Grandchildren number seventeen, (fourteen living & three deceased).
    At present he and his wife are active members of the Parley Fifth Ward, Parley Stake of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. He has held the position of Secretary and 2nd Counselor of the High Priest Group. He has also served as a Home Teacher for over 38 years.
    His activity in the Church and love of family continue to bring him joy and happiness.


Long ago when I was a little chap
I lived just south of the railroad track
I watched those engine come and go.
In sunny weather, rain and snow
And as years went by I set and dream
Of firing an engine that was run by steam
Later when I was in my teens,
I had my chance to fulfill my dreams.
I fired those engines for many a year
Before I was promoted to an engineer
How well I remember my first run.
It wasn’t like work, it was more like fun
Now those engines are gone, they’ll never be back
To huff and puff on a railroad track
And I am old and getting gray
Just sitting around from day to day.
But I tell myself it wasn’t a dream
I handled those engines that was run by steam.

By Carl Bronson



    Edwin Morris Bronson (son of George Clark Bronson and Lettie Van Wagenen) attended the University of Utah – B.S. and M.S.; Stanford University completed class work for doctorate. Scholastic achievement: Psi Chi (Psychology) Phi Delta Kappa (Education). Recreation – University of Utah Athletics, fishing. Hobby was photography. Edwin’s talents were "Teacher" Horace Mann League, National Educational Society.
    Edwin is a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. He was married in the Salt lake Temple on June 5, 1933 to Edith Lucinda Hyde Bronson. Business activities: Teacher, Church Psychologist, Counselor Principal. He was a resident most of his life. Civic activities: Bonneville Knife and Fork, Bonneville Kawanis, Frontersman (Ed. Society). Information for posterity: Teacher-L.D.S. College – last three years of its existence. Teacher-West High School – SLC, Utah Teacher-East High School-SLC, Utah. Clinical Psychologist-SLC, Utah. Board of Education. Counselor and Principal at Irvin Junior High School twenty years. Principal-Horace Mann Junior High School at present.



    Karen Lynne Bronson (daughter of Edwin Morris Bronson and Edith Lucinda Hyde Bronson) attended East High School, University of Utah – B.S. June 1963. Scholastic Achievements: Social Worker. Recreation is water skiing, and art. Karen is talented in art and writing.
    Karen is a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. On May 8, 1964 at the Salt Lake Temple Karen married Clark Earl Thayne. Business activities in social work. Civic activities: Drama in the Ward, M.I.A. Maid Teacher.



    Shannon Rae Bronson Madsen (daughter of Edwon Morris Bronson and Edith Lucinda Hyde Bronson) attended Highland Park Elementary, Grandview Elementary, Uintah Elementary, Hillside Junior High, Highland High, University of Utah.
    Shannon is a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints and was baptized in the year of 1953. On June 5, 1965 in Salt Lake City Shannon and Gary Ephriam Madsen were married.

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