Joseph Van Bagley was born 17 November 1872 at Charleston, Wasatch County, Utah. His father was named Joseph Smith Bagley and his mother was Anna Van Wagoner. His mother died when he was a small boy leaving five small children. He attended grade and high school in Charleston. Later went to the Brigham Young University-taught school in Utah for a while and then went to Wyoming to explore and hunt in the wild regions around Yellowstone country. He liked what he found and spent the rest of his life in and around the mountains of Western Wyoming. He continued to hunt the big game of Wyoming as long as he was able. He enjoyed being out in the hills and forests. He passed his hunting techniques on to his three living sons.
    Joseph Van Bagley met Cora Sophia Yeoman in Granger, Wyoming. After a brief courtship they were married in Reno, Nevada. My father had some mining interests there in Nevada. They lived in Rock Springs and Granger, Wyoming where they became the parents of eight children:-five boys and three girls. Two of the boys died – one when ten days old and the other one, Dale when he was almost one year old. The second eldest boy Grant was killed in his airplane when he was twenty-two years old. Joseph Van Bagley was very proud of his Dutch Heritage and reminded his children of the many qualities of their ancestors.
    He spent the last twelve years of his life a semi-invalid because of an automobile accident. His time was spent in the hospital in Rock Springs and at Granger – he passed away March 2, 1942 and is buried in Granger. Cora Sophia Yeoman was born in Reehigh, North Dakota October 24, 1884. Her father Charles Freemont Yeoman was a homesteader. Her mother Maria Jones was born around Syckamore, Illinois. The Yeoman family moved to Evanston, Wyoming where Cora attended schools. The Yeoman’s sold their sheep in 1900 and moved to Portland, Oregon. Cora attended the Portland Business College; the family then returned to Wyoming and Cora left Wyoming to work in Salt Lake City, Utah. At this time she met Joseph Van Bagley. They were married in Reno, Nevada and made their home in Rock Springs, Wyoming. Then they moved to Granger where they had eight children:-five sons and three daughters. She inspired her children to be good citizens, to be industrious and set an excellent example for them. She suffered a life of hardships and sorrow, burying three of her fine boys. She was very active in civic, political and local affairs. After her husband passed away she moved to Salt Lake where she now resides.



    Joseph Lorraine Batley was born in Salt Lake City, Utah on March 11, 1909. He was the eldest son of Joseph Van Bagley and Cora Sophia Yeoman. Always a responsible older brother to the four other boys and three girls in this family. He attended grate and High School in Granger. He enjoyed being out in the mountains – Worked for the Bureau Land Management and also Indian Service. He had many interests. As a young man hunting the wild animals and sometimes the bears hunted him. Married first to Hazel Stewart. There were two sons to this union: Clarence Hiram and Robert Roy. His second wife was Harriet Clawson, who was born in New York State and now enjoys residing in the mountains of Montana.



    Grant Van Bagley was born 8 July 1910 in Rock Springs, Wyoming. He was the second son of Joseph Van Bagley and Cora Sophis Yeoman. Grant had many high ideals which he taught to the younger brothers and sisters. He attended grade and High School in Granger, Wyoming. He was interested in aviation. At a very early age he had his own plane and pilots license. He married Veda Meeks who was resident of Mt. View, Wyoming. They had one son, Vance Bruce, who died when he was a few hours old. In May 19, 1933 Grant was killed in his plane at Granger. He is buried in the Granger Cemetery.



    Minerva Anne Bagley, born 30 March 1917 at Granger, Wyoming. She was the fourth child and the first daughter of Joseph Van Bagley and Cora Sophia Yeoman. She attended Grade and High School in Granger and Rock Springs. She moved to Salt Lake where she met Elmer Butle. He was a civil engineer studying at the University of Utah. They were married in Boise, Idaho February 5, 1936. Minerva and Elmer Lived in Idaho, moved and traveled all over the United States. They had two children on this union: Lynn and Sharon. At the present time they are living in Salt Lake and are enjoying their two darling grand daughters: Nadine and Shar-Ann.



    Vera LaVonne Bagley, was the daughter of Joseph Van Bagley and Cora Sophia Yeoman, born 7 October 1918 at Lime, Montana. She was a frail child with an excellent sense of humor. As a small child she had many illnesses. Vonnie as she was called attended school in Granger, Rock Springs and graduated from Mt. View High School in Wyoming.
    She married Howard Jackson in 1937 and lived in Laramie. They traveled all over the United States. She later married Dr. Tyler Soine and they have one son, Mark, born in 1954. She is presently living in Newber, Oregon.



    Eleanor Elaine Bagley, the sixth child of Joseph Van Bagley and Cora Sophia Yeoman, born September 5, 1921 at Kemmerer, Wyoming. She attended Grade and High School in Granger, Wyoming. She then moved to Salt Lake and married Edward Blair on the 16th of August 1944. Of this marriage four children were born to them. Two sons and two daughters. The eldest son, Donald, died as an infant. The other three children are Gloria, Lloyd, and Cherryl; she has raised a very fine family. All of whom lived in Salt Lake City, Utah.



    Harold Eugene Bagley, the eighth and youngest child of Joseph Van Bagley and Cora Sophia Yeoman, born September 10, 1927 at Granger, Wyoming.
    He had many talents: - good musician, excellent athlete, good religious boy, fine swimmer. He attended school in Granger, Wyoming. Harold joined the paratroopers during World War II and spent one year in Korea.
    Harold married Doris White. They became the parents of five lovely children: Donett, Lowell, Boyd, Dean and Scot (twins). At present Harold and Doris and the children are living in Miami Beach, Florida.


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