Cynthis Van Wagoner, daughter of John Halmas and Clarissa Tappan Van Wagoner was born the 22nd of February, 1854 in Provo, Utah County, Utah.
    She married Everice Ruthven Bronson, 31 October 1873. They made their home in Midway, Utah, just across the road south east from the home where she was born. They were blessed with thirteen children, and raised all but two. Alvin died in infancy, and Eugene lived till he was six years of age.
    In addition to raising her own family she raised three motherless girls from the time of their mother's death.
    Imogene Titus was her half-sister's Stella Jane Van Wagoner Titus', daughter. She lived with Aunt Cynthia for fifteen years.
    LaPreal's mother died 11 January 1916, and she lived with her grandparents till she married James Barnes, 2 October 1928.
    Dorothy Clark's daughter lived with her grandparents five years, until her father remarried.
    Everice Ruthven, her husband helped carry the material to build the observation house on the top of Timpanogas Mountain. They carried the material piece by piece up the mountain by mule. He was a farmer by trade, having his own blacksmith forge.
    Aunt Cynth as we knew her was meticulously clean, a wonderful cook and homemaker. She had a very jovial disposition, and her family loved to gather round her. She was an early pioneer, but she was a good manager. She had a natural knack for home decoration.
    She died the 3rd of April 1930 at the age of eighty-four years.



    Lora Bronson, was the second child of Everice Ruthvan and Effie May Alexander Bronson. She was born the 28 January 1901 in Midway, Wasatch County, Utah.
    She married Fred Brewster Owen the 23 August 1957. They have one daughter, Barbara Joy.
    Lora is actively engaged in LDS church work. She has been Relief Society Councilor, Primary Teacher, Genealogy Secretary and Ward Examiner. She loves dancing, reading and cooking, and she also loves to visit the ill, elderly and lowly. She says, "My home, family and church are most important in my life."



    Claude Bronson Duerden was born the 13 of September 1926 in Salt Lake City, Salt Lake County, Utah, the son of Allen Richard and Ida Rose Bronson Duerden.
    He married Claudia Young, daughter of Claude LaMar and Inez Harriet Jones Young. To them was born four sons.
    At the time his history was submitted he was Bishop of the B.Y.U. 3rd Ward, B.Y.U. 2nd Ward, Provo, Utah. He has served as President of his Teachers Quorum, Elders Quorum President. (It is interesting to note that now as Bishop he is President of Priests Quorum).
    He has also served as Drama Director and Counselor in Y.M.M.I.A., Counselor in the Elders Quorum, Elder's Quorum Instructor, Sunday School Teacher, Elder Representative of Stake Genealogical Committee.
    Just prior to being called as Bishop in 1963, he had served over three years as one of the Seven Presidents of Seventies in the East Sharon Stake. He has served two Stake Missions, one in South Davis Stake and one in East Sharon Stake.



    William Everice Bronson was born 14 October 1917 in Salt Lake City, Utah. His parents were William John and Rosetta Agnes Huntington Bronson.
    He received his education in the Salt Lake Schools, attending the Jackson and Jefferson Elementary. Bryan and Lincoln Junior High school, and graduated from South High School in 1934. He excelled in Science where he was an all "A" student.
    On his return from the South Pacific he was stationed in Midland, Texas. While stationed there he met Mary Augusta Shakoske. She is the daughter of Christian Joseph and Margaret Frances Burns Shakoske. Mary was transferred to Carlsbad, New Mexico and Bill was to be discharged. On the 7th of September 1945 at the Post Chapel at Carlsbad they were married. Mary's hobby is sewing, knitting, crocheting. Her favorite hobby is genealogy and needlepoint. Mary has contributed her work generously in supplying most of the material for the Cynthia Van Wagoner Bronson line, including the pictures.
    William Everice is a postal employee. He belongs to a Club, "The Survivors of Pearl Harbor". His favorite recreation is hunting and fishing, and he especially enjoys reading History and Archaeology. He is an avid gardener, especially roses.
    His first job was as a messenger boy to the Postal Telegraph about 1936-1937. About March 1939 Bill with two other boys decided to bicycle to Los Angeles. They got as far as Wendover when they tired and the weather was so bad, being March, they took their last $15.00 and shipped their bicycles to Los Angeles. They then hitch hiked the rest of the way. Bill worked for a Celenese Corp, until he entered the service in December 1939.
    He served six years in the Army in World War II. He was at Pearl Harbor when it was bombed.
    Army History: Enlisted at Fort Douglas December 1939. Then had two weeks leave. Fort Moffat Field at Palo Alto - Six months. Fort McDowell on Angel Island - Six months. Pearl Harbor for twenty-seven months. New Guines for twenty-four months. Midland Air Force Base, Texas for eight months. Fort Douglas and discharged on 14 September 1945.



    Violet Leoan Provost, daughter of Luke Elisha and Clarissa Bronson Provost, was born 24 November 1918 in Midway, Wasatch County, Utah. She attended the Midway Elementary and Wasatch High School.
    She was married to (1) Mr. Everley 29 August 1946. Dixie and Dennis were born to this union. Violet got her Temple Divorce from Everley the 24th of March 1956. She married (2) Stanley D. Sabley, Dixie and Dennis were legally adopted by Stanley D. Sabley 3 June 1957.
    Her favorite recreation is camping, and she enjoys cooking as a hobby.



    Dixie Joleen Sabey was born in Heber City, Utah the 5th October 1940. She is the daughter of Violet Leoan Provost and Stanley D. Sabey. She attended the Geneva Elementary and Orem High Schools.
    She was baptized the 24 Sept 1950 a member of the LDS Church.
    On September 16, 1960 she married Albert Dan Elmer in Springville, Utah. This couple had one son the 28 February 1964. Her husband works on construction. Her favorite recreation is camping and bowling.
    They migrated from Payson, Utah to Ogden, Utah.



    Dennis Arthur Sabey, son of Stanley D. and Violet Leoan Provost Sabey, was born 10 April 1944 in Los Angeles, California. He attended Geneva Elementary, Lincoln Junior and Orem High Schools.
    He was baptized a member of the LDS Church the 25 May 1952. On 2 August 1963 he married Margaret Ellen Mayne at Orem, Utah. Dennis Arthur is a truck driver. They migrated from Heber City to Orem, Utah. He likes camping and horses.



    Guy Everice Bronson is the son of Tracy and Elizabeth Jane White Bronson. He was born 4 June 1908 at Midway, Wasatch County, Utah.
    He was endowed prior to his mission about 13 April 1928. His mission was to New Zealand.
    Guy married LeRean Fitzgerald 15 March 1934 in the Salt Lake Temple. Her parents were Richard Riley and Minnie Laura Butters Fitzgerald. They made their home in Kamas, Summit, Utah. He has been in the Sunday School Superintendency in Midway; Kamas Ward Bishopric for nine years, a ward teacher for over 30 years; and for the past nine years a member of the High Council.
    LeRean has worked as a teacher in Primary, for many years: secretary for Primary over ten years; Relief Society President seven years.
    Their daughter, Dixie has worked in Primary five years; visiting teacher class leader three years; Primary Secretary.
    Dixie was Valedictorian in her class, play piano, accordion and steel guitar.
    Clark has worked in scouting, and is now counselor in MIA. He was an Eagle Scout at 14. He is rapidly gaining national prominence in the field of Art. Staff artist and illustrator for Utah Fish and Game Department, Colorado, New Mexico, South Dakota, Pennsylvania and Virginia. He has produced illustrations for the Children's Friend, Western Outdoor, Sports Afield, Horse, U.S. Forest Service, Browning Arms Co., trout companies and Calendar companies. He has won top award in national competition. The Utah Fish and game Cover illustrated by Clark received one of the top six awards from a field of 2,600 national publication entries. The National Wild Life carried a four page color production and biographical sketch. Arnold Friberg acclaims Clark to be the finest new talent in animal art in America in the past forty years. He has illustrated two books: "Animals of North America" and "Birds of North America."
    Peggy is as talented as Clark in art, but has not spent any time developing her talent. She plays the piano and accordian very well. At Henager's Business College she was a straight A student and graduated with high honors. She won 14 awards for outstanding achievements. At present she is employed as an executive secretary.



    Thurman Larry Buhler, son of Thurman Jacob and Fay Emily Bronson Buhler was born 4 April 1931 in Midway, Wasatch County, Utah. He attended schools in Midway and Salt Lake City, Utah.
    He was baptized a member of the LDS Church 14 May 1939 at Heber City, Utah.
    Thurman Larry married Luana Reed in Salt Lake City, Utah on the 7th November 1953. To them were born three boys and two girls. His Occupation is transport operator, and his favorite recreation swimming. He also enjoys reading.



    Eliza Bronson was born 7 December 1887 in Midway, Wasatch County, Utah. She is the daughter of Everice Ruthven and Cynthia Van Wagoner Bronson being the tenth child in the family of thirteen. Her four grandparents were all pioneers of Utah. Her great grandparents on the Van Wagoner side and also great grandmother Bronson died at Winter Quarters in 1846-1847 when six hundred of the Saints died of Cholera. They were buried in the cemetery at Florence, Nebraska. Their names are on the monument which was Winter Quarters at that time. Clarissa Tappen Van Wagoner, her grandmother who crossed the plains by ox team, lived to be ninety years of age.
    Eliza grew up in Midway and received her education in Midway and the Wasatch High School. The teacher who taught her some of her schooling was her own brother Charles Bronson. She was a Sunday School Teacher and Secretary in MIA. On 24th December 1913 she married Oscar Anderson in the Salt Lake Temple. The following spring they came to Provo Bench to make their home. They built a three room frame home where four of their six children were born. There were no modern conveniences at that time. The culinary water was taken from the irrigating ditch and they used coal oil lamps.
    In 1927 they built the brick home where they have reared their family of two boys and three girls. One boy died at the age of six in 1929.
    At present two children are in California, one in Michigan, one in Bountiful Utah, and one in Orem Utah. They have thirteen grandchildren. During their married life Eliza has been Secretary of Relief Society, Counselor in MIA, Counselor in Primary, President of Relief Society for three and one half years, Supervisor of Visiting Teacher, Counselor of the Relief Society, and in now Relief Society Magazine Representative and Visiting Teacher, elected Captain in Timp View Camp of Daughters of the Utah Pioneers February 1955. Reelected February 1957.
    Oscar, Her husband, has held various offices in the church, among them President of M.I.A. for five years, member of High Council, and is now President of the High Priest Quorum of Orem Stake, and a ward teacher. He has also been active in Civic Affairs. He was the first President of the Orem Chamber of Commerce, and served on the Orem Town Council. He was chairman of the Orem Centennial Celebration in 1947 and is now Secretary of the Orem Chamber of Commerce (1957).
    Oscar and Eliza feel there is no better place to live than the Orem 1st ward in the city of Orem.
    They celebrated their Golden Wedding Anniversary the 24th of December 1963.



    Pearl Bronson, daughter of Everice Ruthven and Cynthia Van Wagoner Bronson, was born 11 November 1896 in Midway, Wasatch County, Utah. She was the youngest child in a family of thirteen. Her education was received at Midway, Wasatch County, Utah.
    She married William Haueter 12 October 1915 at Midway, Wasatch, Utah. The marriage was performed by Bishop Jacob Probst with Cynthia Bronson North and Perry North as witnesses. Later it was solemnized in the Salt Lake Temple 5 April 1916. To this couple were born six children.
    Her activity in the LDS Church was as follows: Teacher in Primary, Sunday School and M.I.A, and she was a member of the Midway First Ward Choir.
    When they were first married they lived at the Snake Creek Tunnel until it closed down. They then moved to Keetley, where Bill Worked at the Park Utah mine for years. Later they moved to Midway. They also lived in Standardville, Carbon County, Utah, where Bill was foreman at the coal mine. They then moved back to Midway, where they now live in the home of her parents.
    On October 10, 1965, Sunday, Pearl and Bill were honored for their Golden Wedding Anniversary at an open house given by their children. Three Hundred and Fifty friends and relations were in attendance.
    They have eighteen grandchildren and six great grandchildren.



    Bessie Cynthia Barnes was born 14 September 1930 at Heber City, Wasatch County, Utah. She is the daughter of James Lindsey and Clara LaPreal North Barnes. She attended the North School and Wasatch High School at Heber City. She enjoys bowling, dancing and quilting.
    Bessie married Jesse Dean Hone the 17 April 1949 at Elko, Nevada. Their marriage was solmenized 17 May 1956. At present 1967-8 she is Y.W.M.I.A. Secretary and Treasurer and also Girl's program secretary and a Relief Society visiting teacher.



    Cynthia Laneva Haueter Averett, daughter of Pearl Bronson and William Haueter, was born the 26 December 1916 at Midway, Wasatch County, Utah.
    She attended the elementary school at Midway and the Wasatch High School in Heber City, Utah.
    On the 24 August 1935 she married Francis Giles Averett at Midway, Utah. The marriage was later solemnized in the Salt Lake Temple on September 1948. Three sons were born to this union.
    Leneva has held the following positions in the LDS Church: Primary teacher, MIA teacher, Sunday School teacher, Magazine representative for Relief Society and Secretary in Relief Society. She also served as Relief Society President of the Bountiful Second Ward, Bountiful Stake. She was released from this office 11 June 1967.



    William Ray Haueter was born January 10, 1921, the son of Willia Haueter and Cynthia Pearl Bronson, in Midway, Utah. Attended School at Midway Elementary and graduated from Wasatch High School in Heber City. Studied for one year at Utah State University in Logan, Utah.
    He married Deaun LaRae Clyde, daughter of Luella VanWagoner and Robert Earl Clyde. There are seven daughters from this marriage.
    Ray worked in the mines at Keetley, Utah for a short time, then moved to San Diego, California where he was employed by Consolidated Aircraft Corporation. After Pearl Harbor was bombed, returned to Heber City, Utah and volunteered for the United
    States Navy. Served in the Pacific and was discharged in March of 1946 and returned to Heber City, where he was employed as an Identification Officer at the Utah State Prison and worked at this institution for a period of ten years, living in Salt Lake City, Utah.
    He resigned from this position in 1959 and served as a United States Ranger in Arizona for a period of one year, as Identification Officer and investigator.
    From 1953 to 1961 was a member of the United States Army Reserve, in the capacity of a Criminal Investigator and was discharged as a Warrant Officer.
    He returned to Salt Lake City and accepted employment as a Security Supervisor at Kennecott Copper Corporation and later was employed as an Identification Technician at the Utah State Bureau of Criminal Identification and Investigation.
    He left this employment to take a position as Identification Officer with the Salt Lake County Sheriff’s Office and resides in Salt Lake City, Utah.



    Lee Ruthven Haueter, son of William Haueter and Pearl Bronson, was born the 24 of December 1925 in Midway, Wasatch County, Utah. He received his education in the Midway elementary and Wassatch High School in Heber City. He also attended the University of Utah where he received his B.S. degree in 1949 and his M.S. degree in 1960.
    He married Aletha Shuster the 24th of September 1948 in the Salt Lake Temple. They were blessed with four children.
    Aletha and Lee Ruthven made their home in Sandy, Utah. His church affiliations are in the L.D.S. Church, being baptized a member the 11th of November 1934. His life has been spent as an educator, and for relaxation he has enjoyed fishing, hunting, and golf, with photography as a special hobby.


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