William Van Wagoner was born in Provo, Utah County, Utah 1 July 1856, son of John Halmagh Van Wagoner and Clarissa Tappen. He received his early schooling at Midway, Wasatch County, Utah. At the age of 16 with his elder brother, Ephraim, took care of his mother and younger brothers and sisters.
    His first wife was Lalia Naomi Alexander. To them was born the following children: Sarah Bertha, Lelia Naomi, William Walter, Charles, Della Clara, Myrtle May, and Katie Deon. Lelia Naone died 27 July 1896.
    27 October 1897 William married Lenora Ann Jacques. Together they cared for the five living children of the first wife and the following children were born to them: Thelma, Luciel, Cuba (Helen), Blaine, Ruth, and Cerdeilia.
    At about 20 yearfs of age William started a lime business at Midway. He quarried lime rock from an acre and a quarter of ground north of Memorial Hill. He built a kiln back in the west side of the hill, north of Midway. He burned lime here for fifty years. During this time he furnished lime for Mersiac Mill at Park City. Also lime for Wasatch and Summitt Counties and the Uintah Basin for all public buildings and homes constructed at this time.
    He had an unusual talent. He played the violin beautifully "by ear."



    Lenora Ann Jacques Van Wagoner was born in Provo, Utah 22 June 1866. She was the daughter of George William Jacques and Adelade Louisa Phillips. Her early schooling was received at Provo schools. Later she attended the Brigham Young Academy. She married William Van Wagoner in October 27, 1897 in the Salt Lake Temple and moved to Midway. There she raised her husbands five young children two to sixteen years of age, in addition to six of her own. She was an immaculate housekeeper. She loved everything that was clean and beautiful.



    Thelma Van Wagoner Witt Terry was born in Provo, Utah County, Utah, the ninth of September 1898. She was the daughter of William and Nora Jaques Van Wagoner. She went to school in Midway, where she lived until she was eighteen years of age.
    Thelma married Palmer Witt the 23 April 1917 and they made their home in Heber City, Utah. He was an electrician by trade, and while stringing light wires on utility poles he was electrocuted, leaving Thelma with two young sons, Grant and Dean.
    She married James Garfield Terry in June 1928 and they made their home in Draper on James Garfield’s father’s farm. They lived in the old family home, rented the farm, and he worked at Eimco until his retirement. They were blessed with five children. They always had farm animals. He especially loved horses.
    Thelma loved poetry and music. Her daughter said, "She is a good mother. She loves children and always has some in her home. She loves poetry and music. She plays the piano by ear, and can just make it ring. She is always home, and the children love her as she recites poetry and tells them stories.



    Palmer Grant Witt first saw the light of day December 1st, 1917 in Heber City, Utah. The son of Thelma Van Wagoner and Wesley Palmer Witt.
    His father was accidentally killed when he was five years old. When he was twelve years old his mother remarried and came to Draper to make their home.
    On June 26, 1937 Grant married Lova Nichols. They have been blessed with three lovely children, Loretta, Loreen, and Wesley.
    Grant was called to serve in the Draper 1st Ward Bishopric as financial clerk in 1952; in 1953 statistical clerk; 1954 Second Counselor; 1955 first counselor and in 1957 was sustained as Bishop.
    He is now called upon real often to speak at funerals, bless babies, and administer to the sick. He is a very faithful and devoted member of the L.D.S. Church.
    Lova also is a faithful church member. She has served in the MIA, Primary, and is now serving as President of Draper 1st Ward Relief Society.
    When Grant has the time he is an ardent fisherman.



    Darce Van Terry was born 23 March 1934 in Murray, Salt Lake County, Utah. He is the son of James Garfield and Thelma Van Wagoner Witt Terry. He attended Draper Park Elementary and Jordan High School.
    His favorite recreation is fishing and hunting.
    He married Romae Anderson December 30, 1955 in Draper, Utah. They have one son and one daughter.



    Thelma Ethel Terry Syverson, daughter of James Garfield and Thelma Van Wagoner Witt Terry, was born 22 October 12936 in Murray, Salt Lake County, Utah. She attended Draper Park Elementary and Draper Junior High School and graduated from Jordan High School. She also attended Comptometer school.
    She was baptized a member of the LDS Church November 13, 1944, and has been an active member, being affiliated with Relief Society and Primary. Thelma married Richard Peder Syverson, whose parents migrated from Norway. He is a postal worker.



    Blaine Van Wagoner was born 12 March 1906 at Midway, Wasatch County, Utah. He is the son of William van Wagoner and Lenora Ann Jacques. He spent his early years in Midway schools and later at Heber schools. He helped his father in the lime kiln at an early age. As a young man he moved with his mother to American Fork.
    He married Fern Burch 23 June 1942 and moved from American Fork to East Midvale. Here he followed the building business. His two sons Jon Blaine and David Lyle were sent on missions for the church. He was always handy with his hands and the building trade came very natural to him. His hobby is raising flowers in which he takes great pride. The number of times he has helped widows and others in need cannot be counted since he does not tell anyone. His beautiful flower arrangements have cheered the sick and added beauty to church services for many years.



    Fern Burch Van Wagoner, his wife, was born 3 January 1909 at Lake Shore, Utah. She is the daughter of Claudius Hilto Burch and Annie Ferguson. She was educated in the public schools in the Provo area and attended Brigham Young University for two years. She graduated from Utah State University and taught school at American Fork. From the marriage to Blaine was born the following children: Jon Blaine, David Lyle and Lethe Carol. Since the children have been in school she has taught school in Granite School district. During her life she has held positions in all auxiliary organizations of the church.




    Ruth Van Wagoner Moser, daughter of William and Lenora Jacques Van Wagoner was born December 7, 1908 in Midway, Wasatch County, Utah. She attended schools in Midway and Heber City, Utah.
    She is a member of the LDS Church, being baptized 12 October 1919. She enjoys Relief Society,and her favorite recreation is swimming.
    On January 31, 1936 she married Walter M. Moser. He had children by a former marriage, which she "mothered" along with the two daughters she had by this marriage.


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