Explanation: This article was written on March 25, 1881 by Elizabeth Young Van Wagoner. This page is the original and it is in Elizabeth’s own handwriting. The spelling is also Elizabeths. The original is the possessions of Frank Van Wagonen.
    Elizabeth Van Wagoner Daughter of Alfred D and Anna M. Young. Borned April 6, 1839. I was Baptised in the winter of 48. They cut a hole in the ice Baptised me and my Sister after that the mob drove us from Nauvoo to winter quarters about three hundred miles in a desert contry inhabited by Indians at the time we left the wicked gentile Nation to seek in everlasting World salvation in 47 we ploud the ground and put in Grain to subsist upon where I remained with my parents until the spring of 48 when we started a crost the plains with our teams. One thousand miles we traveld on day after day and week after week untill we reached the valey of Salt Lake whare we found a very few Log houses we went to cotenwood ten miles south of the city where we took up a farm and remained thare until the spring of fifty four when we moved to provo when I was seventeen I maried my husband John H Van Wagoner and we had seven children and these or their Names John A Van Wagoner Borned December 27 1857 Elizabeth A Van Wagoner Borned December 18 1859 Married May 23 1879 Parley Van Wagoner Borned November 6 1863 May Van Wagoner Borned May 19 1866 Frank D Van Wagoner Borned March 3 1870 Stella J Van Wagoner Borned October the 26 1873 Lilly Maud Borned December 23 1878. I have been in this Church 35 years passed through a grate many hard ships and I know this is the true Church and kingdom of God.

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