Dates in this book cover the period from our earliest known ancestors to 1947, according to research in original records and all other available sources, and to material that has been submitted by members of the family.
    The names of our ancestors are used as they were found in these records or as the individual wrote and used his own name, when that information could be found in records such as their wills or deeds that are in existence.
    The information received from family members and researchers has been printed as carefully as possible. We apologize for any errors that may occur; great effort was made to be as accurate as possible. We regret that more descendents didn’t send in histories and pictures, but we are grateful for the information that we have received.
    Slight discrepancy in name or dates that may occur, however, isn’t the important factor. The important factor is the ordinance records of our ancestors. Where temple ordinance work has been duplicated, we have used the earliest complete dates recorded for those ordinances. If the Temple ordinance date on a family group sheet is incomplete, we are resubmitting these sheets, so that the work will be complete, correct, and "worthy of all acceptation."
    We wish to list the names of all those family members who contributed to this book, and we hope that none have been omitted. If any are, we apologize for the oversight. We appreciate all the work that has been done to help in the gathering, compiling, and publishing of this, our family record. We also wish to express our gratitude to those foresighted ancestors who began the work of gathering our genealogy, for without their work, much of the pertinent information of our ancestors would have been lost.

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