Mary Emily Van Wagonen was the daughter of David and Julia Ann Provost Van Wagonen. She was born 19 February 1871 in Midway, Wasatch County, Utah. She received her education and spent her early life in Midway. She was baptized 12 September 1879. She was active in the Church for many years in Midway, Heber City, and later in Provo. She was organist and also choir leader for many years in Midway.
    She married David Steele Murdock, son of John Murray Murdock and Ann Steele, on October 21, 1891, in Midway. Her father who was the bishop performed the marriage. It was solemnized in the Salt Lake Endowment House 16 May 1894.
    During their residence in Wasatch and Utah Counties, the family was known for its service in the field of music, and contributed generously of their time and talents. For over 30 years they conducted a dance orchestra, The Murdock Orchestra, with David playing the violin and Emily the piano. From time to time they were joined by other members of the family.
    They were the parents of fifteen children, five sons and ten daughters.


    Earl is the son of Joseph B. and Martha Gunnell Lloyd. Aritha is the daughter of David S. and Emily Van Wagonen Murdock. Earl and Aritha were married April 2, 1919, in the Salt Lake Temple. They had ten children, nine of whom are living today: Mary, Joseph, Ken, Nadene, Deaun, Earlene, Franklin (who died shortly after birth), Ray, LaNae, and Wayne.
    Their first home was a dairy farm in Murray, Utah where all of the children were born. In 1936 they moved to Charleston, Utah, then a short time later they moved to Strawberry Junction, 25 miles East of Heber. Here Earl went into the Sawmill business and they operated Lloyds Lodge for 15 years. When they left Strawberry Earl built the first inland fish plant in the United States, at Charleston, Utah. He then operated this for two years before it burned down. He appraised buildings for the State of Utah for 7 years, before they returned to Charleston to retire on property they owned there. His hobby is raising pheasants and belongs to the Utah Pheasant Society. Aritha works in the Relief Society and enjoys raisings flowers and has won many a blue ribbon for her arrangements. Earl and Aritha has 31 grandchildren, and three great grandchildren at the time of this writing. By the way they just celebrated their 49th Wedding Anniversary.



    John Wayne and Joyce Jacobson Lloyd – Wayne, Joyce and their girls, live in Heber, Utah where Wayne is engaged in the Ready-Mix and Construction Business.
    Wayne belongs to the Heber Valley Riding Club, and Kamas-Heber Cutter Association. He owns a small ranch North of Heber.
    Joyce belongs to Heber Saddlettes and is active in church and civic affairs. Deanne is in the third grade a very good student and enjoys dancing. Debra is six years old, Terry is three years old. They enjoy dancing and riding horses with the family.



    (Father) Chet has been in the Auto Parts and Service Station business for about 25 years. Steel work was his occupation until he was wounded in World War II. He has attended night school and trained in drafting, bookkeeping and salesmanship and always returning to managing stations. He enjoys playing golf first and others such as baseball, basketball, football and hunting. Church activities have been working in Mutual, (Young Mens Counselor). Dance Director and Sunday School. Maintains a large backyard in spare time and also relaxes watching television.
    (Mother) Nadine, first is a housewife. Beauty operator part-time. Likes to fuss over our three daughters. Hobbies have been sewing, golf, bridge, and helping older people. Enjoys taking care of grand baby, 4-H Teacher. Church activities have been in Primary, Mutual, Dance Director, Sunday School Teacher, Teacher in Primary, Secretary and Teacher in Mutual.
    Susan is a Western Airline Stewardess. She attended C.S.U. one year and Trade Tech College one year. She became a dental assistant for a year and then has been with the airlines two years. She enjoys church when she can be there. Has been a teacher. Her hobbies are many; Swimming, Dancing, Golfing, Skiing, Traveling, Reading.
    Sherry married Dick Stein and they have a baby girl three years old in April.
    Sherry and Dick enjoy sports together. Golf is first and many other such as basketball, football, skiing and bowling.
    They enjoy taking Andrea to church but Andrea enjoys it more. Dick plays Basketball.
    Paulette is the youngest in the family. She doesn’t enjoy being alone but is grateful to have Andrea often and older sisters.
    She enjoys her church activities and wishes the family would share it with her. A busy person with talent for painting, piano, dancing. Also debates, reading and skiing. Not much time left for home responsibilities but finds time some place and also does housework for a neighbor two days a week.
    As a family we try to learn, serve, have fun and make others happy. We enjoy each other so much.



    Joe, Glenna, and their five children live in Charleston, Utah. Joe is in the Construction business. He is an active member of the Heber Valley Riding Club and the Kamas-Heber Cutter Association. Glenna is a member of the Heber Valley Saddlettes. She has worked in the Primary Association for many years.
    Ross, their oldest son is a senior at Wasatch High School. Ross enjoys mechanics, football, and driving the family chariot team. Mark, age 16 goes to Wasatch High School, also. Mark’s specialties are football and animal science. Kelly, 12, attends Wasatch Junior High School. His main interest are scouting and Little League Baseball. He looks forward to the Livestock Show each year, where he enters a fat beef. Lee Ann is 11 years old. She belongs to a 4-H Club, loves horses and raises fat beef. Christine, the six year old loves animals, especially Twinky, her favorite pony.



    Ron Balliger is Partner in Lewis-Balliger Pump Service covering the four corner area (Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona and Utah).
    Deaun Aritha (Lloyd) Balliger, daughter of Earl and Aritha Lloyd is secretary for Bradford, McDaniel & Maynes, Durango Attorneys.
    Denise is in the 5th grade and enjoys playing the piano.
    Stephen is in the 3rd grade and his great joy in life is Little League Baseball.
    Family recreation is divided between skiing at Drango’s beautiful "purgatory" ski area and fishing at Electra Lake in the summer.



    Jim, Earlene, and their three boys live in Idaho Falls. Idaho, where Jim is self-employed, buying and selling livestock. He has always enjoyed fine horses and calf roping, a hobby which has taken him into the business of raising quarter horses. Earlene has won several honors in bowling. She is a member of the "High Five" Bowling Team from Idaho Falls. For several years she has worked in the Primary.

    Their oldest son, Dick, attends the University of Idaho, where he is a freshman majoring in Architecture. He is a fine baseball player and is a member of the College Varsity Baseball Team. Jimmy is in Junior High School; he has followed Dick in the baseball world. He enjoys all sports and plays the guitar well. Matt is a good student, plays the piano, and like the other boys, enjoys baseball, sports and horses.



    Ray was born November 25, 1932, to Earl and Aritha Lloyd, in Murray, Utah. When Ray was about four years old the family moved to Strawberry Valley to run Lloyds Lodge, at Strawberry Junction. He lived there and went to Heber Elementary Schools until 1949; then the family started the Fish Plant in Charleston. Ray helped his father and brothers run it. Ray was active in school activities, and was on the football team for three years as tackle and full back, also took allstate in 165 pounds wrestling. He graduated from Wasatch High School in May 1952. Ray met Sharlene Schear in High School. Sharlene is the daughter of Darwin and Thora Schear. She was born May 8, 1934, and lived in Midway all her live. She went to Midway Elementary School until the ninth grade then went to Wasatch High School. Sharlene too was active in school. She was on the School paper for two years and a member of the Pep Club, and was Vice President of the Senior Class. Graduated in May 1952.
    Ray and Sharlene went together during their Senior year and were married on August 22, 1952 in the Salt Lake Temple. Ray started his own construction Company with a partner in 1957, and since then his Company, Wasatch Construction Company has built the golf course in Parley’s Canyon, Brownie Lake and Sheep Creek Reservoir in Ashley Vernal and Little Deer Creek Reservoir in American Fork Canyon. State Park roads in Midway and many others. Sharelene keeps busy in Church. She worked in the MIA as a counselor, and is now working in Primary. Ray and Sharlene have three children. Steven Ray, born May 13, 1953. Suzanne born September 2, 1955, Jeffery Dee born March 5, 1957. Steven and Suzanne are students at Wasatch Junior High, and Jeffery is a student at Midway Elementary School. Steven just won a certificate of Honorable Mention in Medicine and Health in the Science Fair at the B.Y.U. Suzanne’s class in MIA has more honor badges than any of the others in the Stake. Jeffery plays Little League Ball. Both baseball and basketball. In basketball this year his team won the tournament in Wasatch County and then went up to Coalville and won up there. Ray and Sharelene bought her folks home in Midway and are living in it now. There hobbies are quarter horses and they all make it a family affair when they go riding. They also love to fish and hunt. Also raise hunting dogs.



    Russ and Mary and their three children live in Sepulveda, California. Where Russ is Construction Engineer for Palmer and Company of Los Angeles. Russ has always been involved in Scouting. Mary is working in the Relief Society. They have always had foster children in their home, and loved them like they were their own, besides having three children of their own. Their oldest boy David has served a Southwest Indian Mission and is employed now in construction work. Jean is married to David Nuttal. They have a boy Eric who is two years old,and David is a school office manager. Tommy was recently married to Donna Debenec, and resides in Sepulveda where he is going to school and has part-time work with the Los Angeles Police Force.



    Mont, LaNae, their two sons and two daughters, live on the Fitzgerald Bro’s. Ranch in Woodland, Utah. Here, on the banks of the Provo River, in a beautiful, rustic location, they are engaged in the sheep and cattle business. For a hobby, they breed, raise, and train quarter horses. Each has his own riding horse. Mont takes pride in his chariot team which won first place in the Heber-Kamas Cutter Racing Association, in 1968, an honor which took him to the world finals in Pocatello, Idaho. Rodney M., sixteen years of age, is a fine horseman in his own right. He was named "All-around Youth" in State 4-H competition at Nephi, Utah, last year. Kay L., thirteen, follows in his dad and brother’s footsteps, having won his share of blue ribbons with his registered quarterhorse mare, Lucky Star. Both boys share ranch chores, love sports and participate in church activities.
    Brenda, twelve and Jan, eight, love horses and other animals. They play the piano, and are active in school and church affairs. Brenda takes dancing lessons and belongs to a twirling group. Jan’s secret ambition is to compete in junior riding and rodeo events.
    LeNae belongs to the Heber Valley Saddlettes, is active in civic affairs, church auxilaries, and is a counselor in the Ward Relief Society. She enjoys ranch life and makes frequent trips with her husband and children to the West Desert where they winter their sheep and cattle.



    Ken and Cleo were married in 1947. They have five children. Peggy Ann, Larry, Robert, Kathleen and Daniel. They were divorced, Cleo and the children live in San Jose, California. Ken lives in Salt Lake, Utah. He is employed as a heavy equipment operator and frequently travels with his job. Ken served in the Marine Corp. In World War II.



    Ervan R. Murdock, son of David Steele Murdock and Emily Van Wagenen, attended grade school in Heber City and Provo. Later Ervan took a correspondence course equal to High School education in Electronics. Ervan loved to fish and hunt and he was always considered the Life of the Party.
    Ervan was baptized on 28th day of June 1908 in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. On July 10, 1918 in Provo, Utah Ervan married Ora (Zora) Fleming Murdock. Later on the 21th day of April 1932 Ervan and Zora were married in the Salt Lake Temple. Ervan migrated from Provo to Ogden, Utah. Ervan was an Electrical Expert.



    Richard Dean Murdock, son of Ervan R. Murdock and Zora Fleming, attended Ogden High School, Weber College, Brigham Young University, University of Utah. He graduated with an A S Degree and a B S Degree. His favorite recreation was fishing, hunting, and traveling. Richard was talented with all musical instruments. Carpentry was his hobby and he knew all phases of building. Richard was baptized on 11 March 1928 into the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. He was married in the Logan Temple on 30th of July 1942 to Charlene Cross. Richard’s business activities were Federal Aviation Agency, Radar Approach Control Center. In World War II he served in Africa as a fighter pilot with the Air Force.



    Dorothy Murdock attended Ogden High School, Weber State College and University of Utah. She graduated with a B S Degree. Her Ele. Subjects were Education, Music, Psychology. Dorothy’s recreation is swimming and dancing. Sewing and making visual aids are her hobbies. In the music department she is well talented at the piano. Dorothy has a beautiful singing voice.
    March 8, 1931 Dorothy was baptized into the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. Dorothy Murdock and Darrell Zack Brown went to the Salt lake Temple on June 11, 1942 and were married.
    Dorothy completed one quarter of college when she first went to college – just out of High School – When Dorothy was 35 years old she started her college education and received her B S Degree when she was 40 years of age. Dorothy had rheumatic fever as a child and three other times in her life. She had reoccurance which left heart damage. Dorothy continued to try and live a normal life and was greatly blessed as her health improved with age. Dorothy is a school teacher of the sixth grade. Civic activities are Weber College Alumni Board, PTA, Polio Assistant Drive Chairman, and Community Concert Board.



    Ervan R. Murdock and Zora Fleming had six children, one of which was Donald Dean Murdock. He attended Mound Fort Elementary, Mound Fort Junior High and Ogden High School. Dean had many achievements in music. He was well talented at the organ and piano. Dean loved Scenic Outings as recreation. His hobbies were Painting and Handwriting analysis.
    Dean was baptized into the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints on 10th of February 1935. On December 23 1949 Dean and Betty Jean Geren were married at Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Dean migrated from Ogden, Utah to Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. He is a Piano and Organ Studio Manager. Dean attended Interlochen School of Music – Michigan, and Eastman School of Music – Rochester, N.Y.



    Elaine Murdock was baptized into the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints on 27th of April 1941. Attended Mound Fort Elementary, Mound Fort Junior High and Ogden High School. She is the daughter of Ervan Murdock and Zora Fleming. Horseback riding is Elaine’s recreation. She is talented at the Piano and Organ. Her hobbies are painting and music.
    On August 18, 1953 in Ogden, Utah Elaine was married to John Robert Franklin. Elaine is a housewife and migrated from Ogden, Utah to Virginia Beach, Virginia. Civic activities are PTA. Elaine was married later in the L.D.S. Temple, Salt Lake City, on 12 October 1956, after her husband was baptized. John Robert Franklin is an officer in the United States Army. They all have spent six years in the European Countries.



    Ruth Cluff, daughter of Bliss Adelbert Cluff and Minnie LaPreal Murdock, attended Provo, Utah Elementary and San Francisco, California Elementary Schools for six years. Three years at San Francisco Junior High. Three years at San Francisco High Schools. Ruth’s grades were very good. Camping with the family is her favorite recreation. As a hobby Ruth likes to do hand work and collect recipes. Baptized into the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints on July 8, 1928. Married April 19, 1940 at San Francisco, California to Frank Stanley Richey. Their endowments at the Salt Lake Temple on June 29, 1960. Migrated from Provo to San Francisco to Provo to Portland, Oregon. Business activities is homemaking and civic activities is PTA and Voters League.



    June Cluff, daughter of Bliss Adelbert Cluff and Minnie LaPreal Murdock, attended Mission High School, San Francisco, California. Member of the LDS Church and baptized on August 9, 1931. Married April 1942 at San Francisco, California to Carl B. Rollin, Jr. Migrated from San Francisco, Calif. To Oswego, New York and returned.



    Robert Bliss Cluff, son of Bliss Adelbert Cluff and Minnie LaPreal Murdock, attended Mission High, San Francisco, California; Brigham Young University; University of Southern California; University of Maryland. Scholastic achievements: B.A.., 1950; Ed. D. 1963. Robert likes to travel for recreation. On September 5, 1936 Robert was baptized into the LDS Church.
    Ruth Huff and Robert Bliss Cluff were married on September 23, 1948 at the Manti Temple, Utah. His business activities: Professor of Education, Northern Illinois University. Migrated from San Francisco to Provo; to Ephraim; to Los Angeles; to Tachikawa, Japan; to Provo; to DeKalb, Illinois. Civic activities: President, N.I.U. Employees Credit Union. 1964-66. Information that would be of interest to your posterity: Raised partly by foster parents – Edwin and Irene Weeks of San Francisco, California. Served in the U.S. Navy from July 1943 through April 1946, and in the U.S. Army Reserve from August 1948 through November 1962. President of Tachikawa Branch, Honshu District, L.D.S. Church, 1956-58. President of DeKalb Branch, Chicago Stake, 1964-present. High Councilman, Chicago Stake 1963-64.



    Atha Jean Cluff, daughter of Bliss Adelbert Cluff and Minnie LaPreal Murdock, attended Mission High School, San Francisco, California. Baptized on September 5, 1936 into the LDS Church. Married April 1945 at Reno, Nevada to Edward Uriah Halkyard. Business activities: Owns and operates a successful catering business in San Francisco, California. Migrated from Provo, Utah to San Francisco, California. Mother of five children and two grandchildren.



    David Steele Murdock and Mary Emily Van Wagonen are the parents of Eva May Murdock. Eva attended North School Heber – Provo, City School. B.Y.U. Baptized into the L.D.S. Church on July 6, 1912. Eva Loves to travel for recreation. She is talented at sewing and music. Eva’s hobbies are sewing, knitting and gardening. Married on June 20, 1921 in Ogden, Utah to Bliss LeRoi Bushman. This marriage was solemnized in the Salt Lake Temple on April 13, 1922. Eva is a housewife and migrated from Heber to Provo to Ogden to Salt Lake to Pueblo, Colorado to Albuquerque, New Mexico to Salt Lake City, Utah. Information for Posterity: I have served in business capacities of the auxiliary organizations – teacher, and president of Yalecrest Ward Primary – Counselor & President of Albuquerque Branch of Relief Society – Sec., counselor & president of Ylaecrest Ward Relief Society – 1st Counselor in Bonneville Stake Relief Society also Temple ordinance worker – Bliss has served in World War I and in many capacities of the Church. Cordinator, Church & Service Men. President of Mutual – Seven President, Seventies, High Priest Group (1st Ass’d) Temple Worker.



    Eva Nadine Bushman, daughter of Bliss L. Bushman and Eva Murdock, attended Longfellow, Bryant, East High in Salt Lake City, High School in Pueblo, Colorado; Graduated from Albuquerque High School, June, 1939. Attended the University of New Mexico at Albuquerque for two years, BYU one year in Provo. Spurs at University of New Mexico. Enjoys spectator sports for recreation. Talented at Portrait painting, Pastels and oils. Eva’s hobby is: ceramics, interior decorating; music, drama. Baptized November 30, 1929 into The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. Married at the Mesa Arizona Temple on January 6, 1943 to James Richard Barton.
    Business Activities: 1944- B.S. in Civil Engineering – University of New Mexico. 1946 – M.S. in Hydroulic Engineering – University of Iowa. 1947-52 – Assistant Prof. of Civil Engineering – University of Utah. 1952-1961 – Prof. Of Civil Engineering – Colorado State University. 1955 – Traveled to Pakestan to design Hydraulics Laboratory for Peshawar University. 1957 – Spent the summer in Crater Lake National Park, Oregon, as engineer on Park Projects. 1961-64 – Head of Civil Engineering Dept. – University of New Mexico. Spent several summers directing and teaching in Summer Institutes for visiting professors. Jul 1964-July 1967 Pres. of Uruguayan Mission, S. A.
    We have lived in Colorado, New Mexico, Iowa, Oregon, Utah and now in Montevideo, Uruguay. Civic Activities; P.T.A. – Professional Societies. Information to Posterity: I, Nadine Bushman Barton, have worked in all Church organization as teachers; councilor in M.I.A.; Pres. of Relief Society and presently serving a mission in Uruguay and Paraguay with my family and living in Montevideo, Uruguay. The four younger children are attending the British Schools Marile, the oldest daughter returned to the U.S.A. to complete her studies at Brigham Young University in September 1965. James R. Barton has been a Bishop of the Fort Collins, Ward, in Colorado of the Denver and Cheyenne Stakes 1956-61. We received our call in June, 1964, to serve as Mission President of the Uruguayan Mission.



    Bliss Murdock Bushman, son of Bliss L. Bushman and Eva Murdock, attended Salt Lake Public Schools, Junior High Pueblo, Colorado, High School Albuquerque, New Mexico – Graduated University of New Mexico – Electronic engineering. Scholastic Achievement: Vice President Student Body University of New Mexico. Favorite recreation: Football, golf, fishing – and hobbies are woodwork, gardening. Baptized May 6, 1933, Elder – Sunday School Superintendent. Married at Albuquerque, New Mexico on January 27, 1956 to Mary Jean Gallagher. Business Activities: Vice President Consolidated Systems Corp. of California. Migrated from Salt Lake to Pueblo, Colorado to Albuquerque, New Mexico to Arcadia, California. Civic Activities: Member Chamber of Commerce. Information for Posterity: Electronic Engineer, graduate of University of New Mexico; Atomic Engineer Sander Base, Albuquerque, New Mexico; project Eng. at Pasadena, California. Manager Perkin-Elmer Corp. – Aerospace Systems – Pomona, California – Served as Lt. In U.S. Air Corp. – World War II.



    Colleen Bushman, daughter of Bliss LeRoi Bushman and Eva May Murdock, was born in Salt Lake City on July 14, 1927. She attended school at the Albuquerque High School and University of New Mexico. Painting is her hobby. Member of the LDS Church, Baptized August 3, 1935.
    On July 16, 1945, Colleen married George Van Lemmon at Raleigh, N.C. This marriage was later sealed in the Salt Lake Temple. Business Activities: Engineer. I am an L.D.S. Seminary Teacher. Civic Activities: State President American Mothers Committee, & P.T.A. Information of posterity: We are living in Albuquerque, New Mexico where my husband is an engineer for Sandia Corp and is also Stake President of Albuquerque Stake. Our first daughter died of Polio here when she was four years old. She is buried in Salt Lake City Cemetery.



Father – Graham Hayes Doxey
Mother – Leone Watson
Mission: Spanish – American Mission 1951-1953
Schools: B.S. Degree – University of Utah – 1956 In Business – Phi Kappa Phi
Work: Property Manager for Doxey-Layton Realty – SLC – Phoenix
Church Positions: YMMIA Counselor, 2nd counselor in Bishopric, Gen’l Sec to Adult Aaronic Priesthood, Ward Clerk, Stake Missionary, Currently serving in Bishopric of Phoenix 18th Ward.



Father – Bliss Le Roi Bushman
Mother – Eva May Murdock
Schooling: B.S. Degree – Uiversity of Utah 1954 Home Economics; Mortar Board, Phi Kappa Phi, Alpha Chi Omega
Church Positions: YWMIA Counselor, Teacher, Sunday School Chorister, Stake Board of Mutual, Relief Society, Social Science Leader, Golden Gleaner.
Parents of eight children – one deceased



    Lillie Murdock, daughter of David Steele Murdock and Mary Emily Van Wagenen. Attended Centeral School, Measer Timpenogos grade school, Brigham Young University. Lillie is talented with her singing. Hobbies are: homemaking, cooking and grandchildren. Member of the L.D.S. Church and baptized November 1, 1913.
    December 30, 1925, Lillie and Wesley Parkinson Lloyd were married at Provo, Utah County, Utah. They are the parents of three sons and eight grandchildren.
    Civic Activities: Chairman and member of Various community and membership drive, financing. Information of interest for posterity: Member of Relief Society Presidency, MIA Presidency, President of Ladies Literary League, vice president BYU Women Organization, Primary Presidency and member of Stake MIA Board in Cassia Stake. Member of Community Trios, Quartettes and Choirses. Member of Intermedial Singing Mothers group, giving eleven concerts in British Isles. Foreign Travels – British Isle – Europe, Hawaii and Japan.



    Gary Murdock Lloyd, son of Wesley P. and Lillie Murdock Lloyd, was born September 17, 1934, in Provo, Utah. He attended school in Provo, graduating from B.Y. High School in 1953. After a year of University work, he fulfilled a two-year mission in the California Mission. Upon returning in the fall of 1956, he completed his work toward a bachelor degree in business administration, graduating from Brigham Young University in 1960.
    On September 25, 1958, Gary married Carolyn Provan, daughter of William McMaster Provan and Eleanore A. Steffens. They met while Carolyn was employed as secretary to Dean of Students, Wesley P. Lloyd, Gary’ father. She was in her second year at Brigham Young University studying business education.
    Gary and Carolyn are the parent of three active boys – James Wesley (1960), Jeffery Provan (1961), Michael Gary (1963) and Charles Scott (1967).
    After graduation Gary’s career has consisted of 7 years in banking and financing and the past year as Chairman of the Department of Marketing Management at Utah Technical College at Provo. He is very much interested in civic activities, having served as Utah County Chairman of the New March of Dimes, Community Relations Committee of the Chamber of Commerce, Vice-President of the Utah Valley Symphone and others.
    Gary’s work in the Church consists of teacher in various organizations, Stake Superintendent of BYU 2nd Stake YMMIA, and is presently serving as Bishop of the BYU 34th Ward. Carolyn has served in the mutual and primary and is at present teaching the CTR Pilots in the Edgemont V Ward Primary.



    Kent Murdock Lloyd was born March 5, 1931 in Grace, Idaho, son of Wesley P. and Lillie Murdock Lloyd. His early schooling was in the Provo Elementary Schools and Brigham Young High School. After one year at the University, he was called to fulfill a mission in Eastern Canada where he served as District President.
    He returned to the Brigham young University and met and married Eleanor Forstl. After graduation he continued graduate studies at Stanford University where he received his Ph.D. Degree. They then moved to Los Angeles where he was professor of public administration at the University of Southern California.
    They have four charming daughters—Lorie, Jeralie, Kathie and Leslie. Kent was bishop of the Morningside Park Ward at Inglewood, California from 1963 to 1966. Eleanor is Relief Society President of this ward. Kent is now President of the Public Executive Development and Research Corporation in Inglewood, California.



    George & Atha were married December 13, 1927 in the Salt Lake Courthouse, later it was solemnized in the Salt lake Temple, July 2, 1935. Our two sons, Keith and David, were sealed to us at this time. George was a bulk plant foreman for twenty-three years. George was a good provider and a wonderful father and husband.
    He loved sports along with his two sons and myself. We had a very close family tie. Together Keith and David both obtained their engineering degrees in Chemistry from Brigham Young University. During their school years Robert Cluff, Nadine Lloyd Aiken and Calvin Hiatt lived with us.
    We have always had a happy home life, lots of young people around us and many fun times together until about 1957. George became very ill and passed away with Cancer in 1960.
    We all miss his very much and hope for the time we can all be together again.
    I have worked at Mullett Jewelry for some twenty years. Working extra and steady and enjoying my work very much. We have eight sweet little grandchildren and two wonderful daughter-in-laws that has made this possible for us.
    I am thankful for my lovely family, neighbors and friends, brothers and sisters. That have been so loyal and true to me.



    The Stewart’s – Have a lovely home in the East Sharon Stake, Oak Hill 4th Ward in Provo Utah. Their home is located on the East hill above the New LDS Temple site.
    Keith & Nan are both holding job’s in the MIA. Keith is President and Nan is sports and camp director. Keith holds the office of Seventy in his Priesthood and sings in the Ward Choir.
    Brent their eldest is a teacher in his Priesthood. He has a paper route and loves to Ski – He is also a scout.
    Kim will graduate from Primary April 15, 1968. He is a Cub Scout and has received his Weblo Award – The highest in Cub Scouting. They both play musical instruments.
    Jan loves her Sunday School and Primary work.
    Jon the youngest keeps them all hopping. He has brought so much happiness and pleasure to this united home.
    They all love sports and the outdoor camping and real fun.
    Keith and Nan always finds time to help others with their problems.
    "They love People". They are a very united family. And they love their church.



    The Stewart’s and their six children lived in the Granger 6th Ward about seven years. During this period David was 2nd Councelor in the Bishopric and later in the High Council.
    JoAnn was active in the Primary, Sunday School, and Relief Society. They were stake dance directors in the MIA. Two years ago they built a lovely home in the Taylorsville 4th Ward – JoAnn is the Relief Society President and David is in the High Council.
    Randy their eldest is a Scout, plays the piano and trumpet, loves baseball. Larry is a cub scout, plays the piano an drums. He loves fishing, camping, and baseball. Brenda loves her school, Primary, and Sunday School. Michael Jolynn and Marsha enjoys their Primary and Sunday School. This family is very talented in Music. They all have sweet voices and give their talents. JoAnn and David have sung in many Stake Festivals, they both sing in their ward choir, and sing in many other wards as a duets. They are both very active in Temple Work. They are a devoted family in the Church and their many activities.



    A housewife and mother of two children and five grandchildren. Help my husband with his Exhibits of Art, work in Relief Society – Have been chorister, counselor for awhile, Relief Society Magazine Director for three years and primary teacher – In Ward Choir. Member of Melodian Chorus (President Melodian Chorus) – Madsen Director – Member of Singing Mothers – International Singing Mothers Chorus that went to British Isles – Directed by Florence Jepperson Madsen. Member of the Womens Council Music Group. Other Singing Groups. A Board Member and works for Community Concert Association – A Board Member for the North Park Area for Beautification. President of the Phi Alpha Kappa Sorority Epsilon Chapter – National Past President of Delta Theta Chi Sorority Epsilon Chapter.
    Paul Salisbury married to Chloe Murdock. Paul Salisbury is father of two children: Geraldine Salisbury Kelly and Paul Murdock Salisbury. Paul is an Eder in the LDS Church – Is an Artist – Interested in drawing at an early age. Started on Saxaphone in grade school – Played in High School band – in grade school. He studied further on Saxaphone and Clarinet while he was in Salt Lake playing with the orchestras, playing at Salt Air, Lagoon, Old Mill and in Salt Lake Theaters – Symphonics.
    Paul moved to Provo where he met Chloe Murdock later date were married and moved back to Salt Lake – Started study of Art from his uncle Cornelius Salisbury playing in Salt Lake Theatres and Orchestras. Paul later moved to Los Angeles for three years to further Art studies – playing with Dance bands.
    Has been working in Art as a profession and making a living with art. President Provo Art Board Provo. Board Member Senior Citizens Art Board.



    Gerarldine Salisbury Kelly attended Provo schools and the Mitchel Terrana grade school in Los Angeles, California. She was Vice President of the Senior Class at B.Y. High and was a member of the Pep Club. Attended B.Y.U. and was in the Cougarette Marching Club. Married Jack in 1949 and moved to Altus, Oklahoma where Jack joined the F.W. Woolworth Company. During this time they lived in eight Mid-West and Western States and their three sons Karl, Kendall & Kris were born.
    Geraldine has served as teacher, chorister and councelor in the Primary, counselor, secretary and visiting teacher in the Relief Society and music director in the M.I.A.
    She is a member of the melodian chorus, (Franklin Madsen Conductor) and served as President and Secretary. She is a member of Etienne Literary Club and has served as Vice president & President. She was a member of a quartette that won the Regional M.I.A. quartette Festival in 1963. She sings with Florence Jepperson Madsens singing Mothers. Has sung with several groups and sings with husband Jack performing for many organizations. Hobbies are painting, sewing and golf.
    Karl Stuart Kelly is an honor student at Orem High School, a Star Scout, President of his teachers quorum and is a clarinet player in the Orem High Band. His grandfather Salisbury gives his music lessons. He is greatly interested in following all sports.
    Kendall Salisbury Kelly is a boy scout, collects Indian arrowheads with the help of his grandfather Salisbury and is becoming a fine piano player. He is a deacon in the church. He sang with the primary children in the tabernacle in 1966.
    Kris Salisbury Kelly is interested in Sports. He is a cub scout and attends Primary and Sunday School.



    John Jack Karl Kelly was born in Provo and attended Provo Schools. He played piano and danced as a small boy. He was a member of the Provo High Acappella choir and orchestra. He was Senior Class President, Captain of the basketball team and played in the Stake tournament in 1947. He also played baseball.
    Jack attended Brigham Young University, worked at Geneva Steele. He married Geraldine Salisbury in 9149 and joined the F. W. Woolworth Company. They lived in eight States in the ten years the were associated with this company. During this time three sons were born, Karl, Kendall, Kris. Upon returning to Provo Jack joined Physician Supply Company in Salt Lake City, Utah. He has worked for this company six and one-half years.
    Jack has been a MIA teacher, Stake Music Director, Ward Chorister, Choir Director, Sunday School and Priesthood Chorister and Priesthood organist. He is an Elder in the Church.
    He was a member of the Mendahlsohn Chorus and sang in numerous musical groups. Jack has been active in civic clubs and was awarded a charter membership as a certified American Sergical Trade Association counsultant.
    Jack and his wife Geraldine has sung together for several years performing for many organizations.



    Paul Murdock Salisbury is a husband and father-Elder in L.D.S. Church. He was born in Provo, Utah, went to Provo Schools and was always interested in Tennis and Basketball. He played basketball for BY High School. Paul went to State Tournament. Played Tennis for BY High School and B.Y.U. and won several trophies.
    Paul served two years in the armed service. While in France he played tennis for his command base. He was also a Legal Secretary and Court Recorder. Paul had many interesting experiences.
    Paul returned home and entered his schooling at the B.Y.U. Was in the Tansig Fraternity.
    He later married Marilyn Vincent. She being in Music Circles. Singing in High School Groups and singing in Relief Society, Singing Mothers, Teacher in Primary. Director of the Junior Sunday School, The mother of two children and a housewife: Craig Paul Salisbury and Brian Vincent Salisbury. Paul, Marilyn and boys have been living in Boise, Idaho. They are being transferred to Omaha, Nebraska. He is T.B.A. Manager for Bee-Line Frontier Oil Company.



    Ray Murdock was born in Heber City, Utah and attended Parker and Timpanogos Elementary School, Central Junior High, Provo High, and Brigham Young University. Football and track were his scholastic achievements. Fishing is his hobby and recreation. Ray is talented in music. Baptized in the LDS Church on 16 November 1919. Stake Sunday School Superintendent, Ward-MIA-Counselor and Superintendent – Elder President.
    Married on 17 October 1933 to Mignon Howe. She died 30 August 1961. On 22 June 1962 Ray married his second wife Neva Catherine Pickering Ford. Business activities are Service Station Lessee and Provo City Commissioner. Civic Activities: Junior Chamer President. Rotary Club President. Member of the School Board and President of Boy Scouts.
    Information for Posterity: I got my first job at the age of six. Worked one day in Coal Yard-earned fifty cents. Later was custodian at the Bank. Also sold Ice Cream from a cart. My dad had an orchestra for 40 years. During that time members of my family played in it. (Mother, Minnie, Atha, myself & Ethel) Traveled to many towns in and around Central Utah. Ray’s parents were David Steele Murdock and Mary Emily Van Wagenen.



    Ethel Lucile Murdock Wilson was the daughter of David Steele Murdock and Mary Emily Van Wagenen. She attended Timpanogos Grade School-Provo High School. She is very talanted at singing and music, Piano, and singing in choral groups were her achievements. She solos for funerals and other occasions. Ethels hobbies are singing, sewing, piano and organ.
    Married on 11 September 1933 at Salt Lake City to Bill Woodrow Wilson. Member of the LDS Church and baptized on 19th of March 1922. Manager of the Clark’s Beauty Salon and also a Receptionist, President of the Lions, Member of Fine Arts, Womans Council.
    Information for posterity: In 1961 I was priviledged to go to Europe to sing with the Singing Mothers. For dedication of a L.D.S. Church in London. I have held the office of Stake Relief Society President, Ward Relief Society President, Relief Society Ward Secretary, activity and age group councelor and teacher in primary. Have sung with the singing Mothers for seventeen years under conductor Florence Jepperson Madsen.


    Emitt Murdock, son of David Steele Murdock and Emily Van Wagenen, attended Elementary and High School. Fishing and Hunting are his recreation. He is talented at singing. Baptized into the LDS Church on 22 February 1925. Married in the Salt Lake Temple on 3 April 1936 to Emma Hindley. Business Activities; Meter Technition – Mountain Fuel Supply Company. Civic Activities: Junior Chamber of Commerce – Member of "Curriers of Song". Information for Posterity: Veteran of World War II. Served as both councilors in Elders Presidency. President of YMMIA. Secretary of Seventys Quorum. First Councelor in Superintendent Sunday School. At this time member of High Priest Quorum.


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