to carry on without my personal guidance.
        I hope the time will never come when my children and their children and my great grand children will feel that I have lost interest in them and the good they are doing.
        Lest I should forget one of them, I wish to here record their names, date of birth and marriage and perchance other things that seem of interest to me that I remember.

Name Born Married To Whom
Harold Vernon Winterton 7-16-1903 4-11-1924 Susie May Duke
(Died) 4-08-1931
Van Delos Winterton 5-21-1905 6-29-1921 Nida Willoughby
Grace Ellen Winterton 11-17-1907 6-05-1929 Merlin D. Simmons
Ralph Deloy Winterton 4-12-1909 6-11-1930 Elma Rolfe
Sarah Luella Winterton 12-07-1910 10-19-1931 Clarence LaMont Walker
Qmni Overton Winterton 6-11-1913 11-14-1940 Harriet Carma Wilson
Clair William Winterton 7-12-1915 6-20-1938 Beatrice Smith
Ruth Naoma Winterton 9-30-1916 5-13-1935 Vern Huff
Eva Margaret Winterton 7-14-1919 12-11-1939 Elmer Kohkonen
Stella Gardner 5-03-1927 9-03-1946 Marlin Lewis
Children of Harold and Susie
Norman Duke Winterton 6-14-1925 9-20-1945 DeEtte Hall
Margie May Winterton 8-02-1927 2-14-1946 John Ivan Andrus Jr.
Harold Don Winterton 3-11-1931 9-25-1958 Laura Marie Christiansen
Children of Susie and Ivan Andrus
Kenneth D. Andrus 7-14-1935
Louise Andrus 3-05-1939
Douglas D. Andrus 4-21-1945
James D. Andrus 3-20-1948
Children of Van and Nida
Eldon W. Winterton 5-31-1933 10-31-1955 Jean Goodrich
Keith W. Winterton 5-06-1936 10-26-1953 Vivian Lee McConkie
Don W. Winterton 8-04-1941
Diane Winterton 5-06-1944
Children of Grace and Merlin
Merlin Lavon Simmons 4-25-1930 6-06-1949 Colleen McGuire
Oren Hart Simmons 6-02-1933 5-25-1953 Janyce Carlson
Jack Simmons 4-30-1937
Clair Simmons 1-25-1947
Children of Ralph Deloy and Elma
Dee R. Winterton 7-25-1936 3-25-1960 Maureen Shepard
Lynn Winterton 3-17-1942
Seth Winterton 1-18-1949
Children of Louella and LaMont
Lowell W. Walker 5-04-1933 6-21-1955 Helen C. Snell
Monta Lou Walker 8-03-1936 9-15-1955 Vernon Frazier
Darrel W. Walker 12-03-1936
Children of Omni and Carma
Marilyn Winterton 6-16-1942
Arvin Omni Winterton 10-09-1953
Carol Arlene Winterton 4-06-1957
Hyrum Larry Winterton 5-07-1959
Children of Clair and Beatrice
Hal Smith Winterton 9-17-1941
Janet Winterton 3-30-1945
Lee W. Winterton 7-02-1949
June Winterton 3-14-1953
Children of Ruth and Vern
Bonita Ruth Huff 8-10-1937 9-21-1955 Theil Atkinson
James A. Huff 11-16-1938 10-01-1958 Francis Flygare
Delora Huff 5-31-1942 3-14-1958 Stanley Gale Page
Children of Eva and Elmer
Ken E. Kohkonen 11-05-1940
Caral Eva Kohkonen 3-20-1951
Children of Stella and Marlin
Debra Ann Lewis 11-25-1956
Craig Allen Lewis 7-03-1960
Name Date of Birth Parents
Vernon Hall Winterton 2-21-1947 Norman and DeEtte
Bryce Edward Winterton 11-06-1951 Norman and DeEtte
Neil Hall Winterton 11-24-1955 Norman and DeEtte
Roy W. Andrus 2-06-1947 John Ivan and Margie
Clinton W. Andrus 3-14-1948 John Ivan and Margie
Linda Marie Andrus 11-26-1949 John Ivan and Margie
Kim J. Andrus 9-24-1951 John Ivan and Margie
Ben J. Andrus 5-26-1955 John Ivan and Margie
Paul B. Andrus 2-13-1959 John Ivan and Margie
Julia Winterton 8-14-1956 Eldon and Jean
Dale G. Winterton 4-02-1959 Eldon and Jean
Susan Winterton 9-24-1961 Eldon and Jean
Paul M. Winterton 8-19-1955 Keith and Vivian
Linda Winterton 12-23-1956 Keith and Vivian
Ronald M. Winterton 9-21-1958 Keith and Vivian
Kenneth M. Winterton 3-17-1961 Keith and Vivian
Dwayne Simmons 3-13-1950 LaVon and Colleen
Michael Simmons 11-18-1951 LaVon and Colleen
Colette Simmons 11-20-1957 LaVon and Colleen
Ken B. Simmons 6-4-1954 Oren and Janyce
Tony Oren Simmons Oren and Janyce
LaMont Hyrum Walker 8-11-1956 Lowell and Helen
Luana Joy Walker 3-06-1958 Lowell and Helen
Cory Sue Walker 9-26-1960 Lowell and Helen
Michael Vernon Frazier 9-30-1956 Vernon and Monta Lou
Kevin W. Frazier 11-06-1958 Vernon and Monta Lou
Perry Thomas Frazier 10-29-1960 Vernon and Monta Lou
Brad S. Winterton 2-08-1961 Dee R. and Maureen
Becky Sue Atkinson 2-26-1956 Theil and Bonita
Donna Lee Atkinson 9-15-1957 Theil and Bonita
Warren Dean Winterton 11-04-1959 Harold Don and Laura Marie
Steven Bradley Winterton 10-14-1960 Harold Don and Laura Marie
Stanley James Page 11-06-1959 Stanley G. and DeLora
By permission of my wife Sarah Jessie, I also enter the names of all her posterity. And why should I not? Am I not their stepfather? I think they could not treat a father better than they treat me. Jessie and I were married November 25, 195
Name Born Married To Whom
Floyd F. Daybell 12-05-1901 (Died June 11, 1905)
Ida F. Daybell 8-26-1903 (Died August 4, 1912)
Earl F. Daybell 11-02-1905 10-25-1932 Lucille Watkins
Grace Ella Daybell 2-24-1908 11-26-1926 Lawrence Walter Flint
Blanche Daybell 4-22-1910 9-26-1934 Horace C. Cherrington
Grant John Daybell 5-10-1917 7-08-1942 Beth LaRue Hutchinson
Gladys Daybell 6-02-1919 6-29-1938 Sherrill P. Shurtleff
Jane Arlene Daybell 10-26-1933 6-06-1952 Irvin Bayard Barnes
June Elaine Flint 6- 07-1929 2-03-1948 Robert Edward Hoops
Carolyn Flint 4-18-1943 7-16-1955 Richard Clayton Popkins
Beverly Rae Cherrington 8-23-1941
Penny Laraine Cherrington 12- 06-1944
John Craig Daybell 5-17-1949
Mark H. Daybell 7-24-1949
Nancy Daybell 5-16-1953
Philip Sherrill Shurtleff 7-12-1939
Allan Ray Shurtleff 1-14-1942
Sharilyn Gladys Shurtleff 7-16-1945
Name Date of Birth Parents
Diane Michele Barnes Irvin Bayard and Jane Arlene
Kirn Hoops 7-21-1950 Robert Edward and June Elaine
Randy Robert Hoops 10-28-1955 Robert Edward and June Elaine
Tammy Hoops 4-01-1961 Robert Edward and June Elaine
Kerri Ann Popkins 3-05-1956 Richard Clayton and Carolyn
Kurt Richard Popkins 10-27-1960 Richard Clayton and Carolyn

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