This is one of the happy moments of my life, to be here, honored by the presence of so many of my posterity, relatives and friends.
        I am not unmindful of your great efforts and time spent in planning for this wonderful event, the hours of labor and expense. Also some have traveled many miles and it has been quite an effort to arrange to be here.
        May God bless each and everyone of you for your efforts and may you return to your homes filled with the spirit of love for each other, and be able to know our loved ones better.
        To our loved ones in New Zealand, we know that you are here with us in spirit. Thank God for the blessings that are yours in being able to go into the world, among strangers and learning better the meaning of true love, and gaining a stronger testimony of the truthfulness of the true gospel of Jesus Christ again restored to the earth. That knowledge and testimony is your greatest blessing. (This is being recorded and sent to Elmer and Eva in New Zealand on a work mission.)
        May you always remember and keep it burning in your heart.
        May still many of my loved ones continue to partake of that true spirit of love for fellowman, and with others, help carry the banner of truth to this dark and benighted world who are still in darkness as to the many truths which God has again revealed anew for the salvation and exaltation of His children here upon the earth.
        Many years have passed since the days of my childhood and I love to reflect o'er scenes of the past while tears of joy and sorrow freely flow down my more aged cheeks. But I dearly love to think and reflect of the happy days. I think of home, of father, mother, brothers and sisters.
        It seems that time passed then too soon. It was in that home while I was very young that I first received my testimony and a desire to go into the world to proclaim the glorious message.
        How happy was I that my parents had joined the church in a foreign land and had come to Zion, where we, their children, could receive the advantages and blessings of the gospel.
        Then Sarah and I had our turn to raise and to council with our children. Work seemed a pleasure if we thought it would result in good for our benefit and that of our family and friends But oh, how soon that time did pass also. But we would not have it otherwise because we now, also, have our grandchildren and great grandchildren following the footsteps of inspired leaders, working at home and in foreign lands.
        And just think of such a wonderful and large posterity all members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.
        Now I pause to think, I have cause to exclaim, we are only one branch of the large Winterton family.
        Then I think of the children of the many wonderful families that have joined our ranks to help in the great plan of redemption and exaltation.
        How wonderful is our heritage. Here I feel impressed to quote the following words of a beautiful hymn:

                Sowing the seeds by the wayside fare
                Sowing the seeds in the noonday glare
                Sowing the seeds by the fading light
                Sowing the seeds in the silent night.
                Oh, what shall the harvest be?
                Oh, what shall the harvest be!
                Sown in the darkness or sown in the light;
                Sown in our weakness or sown in our might;
                Gathered in time or eternity;
                Sure! Oh sure will the harvest be.

        And while I have such a wonderful opportunity, I want to have the sound of my voice recorded declaring to you all, my testimony of the truthfulness of the gospel which was restored

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